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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Singapore :)

Fourth & Fifth Day!

Vanj and I woke up at 5 AM - so early! Unlike in the Philippines, 5 AM in Malaysia is still too dark -as in like 3 AM in the Phils; sun rises at around 7!

We needed to be at the church by 6 since we, together with ate Grace, ate Jing, kuya Owen, & tita Medz, will be going to Singapore.

We left KL at around 11 AM, riding a nice bus. (nice, really.)

Actually, the last time I rode a public bus was back on my fifth grade, when we had an educational trip, so I was like a kid amazed seeing and riding the bus. Haha. I was astonished upon eyeing double-floored buses! Walang ganon sa 'Pinas ;p I also was surprised on how spacious the bus going to Singapore was. Parang eroplano! Hahaha. Dumbfounded.

Anyway, we were bringing lots of foods with us (we do expect a looooong trip)!
On the picture, Vanj was preparing our so-called lunch - Gardenia+Chiz Whiz & Soft drinks. By that time, everybody in the bus was (I guess) hungry already. The aroma of our food spread all over the vehicle, leaving them hungrier. (Nang-inggit daw ba?!)

The trip was amusing since Vanj and I had a great bonding time :) We had long talks while having more than 5 hours of 60 km/hr Palm Tree-viewing. (They do obey speed limits! I hardly believe that they love palm trees much.)

After having spontaneous larynx-waning conversations for hours, I unconsciously fell asleep. Vanj woke me up at around 5 PM for the Immigration check. Geek. I was too nervous that time. I bet I had an immigration-phobia (or whatever you may wish to call it) when we were apprehended by the Phil. Immigration (check my post “Left”).
Passing the check felt like heaven! I fortuitously shouted walang DSWD! Woohoo!” – such a shame; they all looked at me (and laughed, of course).

Anyway, upon reaching Beach Street (around 6pm), we had our dollars and pesos changed to Singaporean dollars (1 Sing $ = P 34.something).
After which, we directly went on a shopping spree at Burgis Street. I was able to buy 18 key chains, 6 shirts, and a pair of lovable gold ballet flats a la crocs.

We stayed at Starbucks to wait for ate Joan, a cousin who works and lives at Singapore. She’ll be our acting tourist guide for our short stay ;)

We savored the city by having a lengthy walk toward the hotel we’ll be settling in (Hotel 81).
On a deeper note, I have observed that Singapore is such a busy place. I suddenly remembered an sms from a friend about ants. It kinda goes like this: “I wish we’ll be like ants.. busy searching for food yet stops and greets when another passes by.”
In Singapore, everything seems to be swift. Lifestyles appear to be very demanding. I tell you, their escalators were sooo speedy! Haha. Iba parin ang buhay Pinoy. May katamaran. :p

Anyway, we were able to check-in by 9 PM.

We missed ate Joan much that we slept by 2 AM. Too late lah :)

Sleepy and all, we managed to get up by 6 am to prep ourselves for our planned sightseeing. Btw, we all agreed to spend our time left (in Singapore) at Sentosa.

(Warning: Photo blogging ahead)

my super funny pose inside Sentosa's version of the Merlion :)

on the 21st century and still fond of the old camera trick

Upon seeing this pic, I've realized that this would be a better shot if there'd be somebody on the left side of the funny face. (Agree?) So, any volunteer? :)

i LOVE this site!

Esplanade, Theatres on the Bay
a.k.a. Durian ;p

To complete my Singaporean invasion.....

The Merlion! -sooooo Singapore :)

Monday, May 28, 2007

OI Seminar & KL Tour

Third day!

We had our Operation Impact (OI) training from 8 AM - 1 PM today.

Rev. Deborah was our speaker. She was such a joyful and energetic spokeswoman! She reminded me of my mom 'cause she talked very much alike my mom. I can see her preach - very much similar to mom, indeed! She's the Malaysian-Chinese version of Rev. Dr. Veronica Manugue!. Ha-ha.
Anyway, the OI seminar was held at HSG's conference hall. Yes. They have a separate hall from their church building/ sanctuary. Cool eh? I think that's also the place where they hold their youth services (correct me if I'm wrong).
Today I noticed three young people - Sun, Stephen, and Shoben (three S's!). I was very blessed 'cause they were very supportive to the PB (Project Barnabas conference). They were also very compassionate of their youth pastor, Pastor Reuben.
Sun played the guitar while Ptr.Reuben lead the praise & worship; Stephen was the one who helped Ptr. Reuben present the delegates the OI technique; Shoben was the one who managed the slide presentations.
Such dedicated young people!

The session ended at 1pm.
HSG provided us side trips where we could choose to go to - shopping at a nearby mall, KLCC (Petronas Towers) trip, Sunway/ Skyway tour.
I, together with my cousins, chose to go to Sunway 'cause we've been to KLCC already the other day with our host, Sis. Seetha. Well, due to some fusses, we were all included to those that'l be going to KLCC.

We were then accompanied by our acting tourist guides, Stephen and Wai Ye (HSG Youth/ Soaring Eagles).
We rode a train going to KLCC. We don't usually ride a train here in the Phils. so we enjoyed the trip much :)
(L-R) ate Jing, Vanj, Jez/me, ate Grace, kuya Owen
With us were other 5 Filipino delegates and another one from Nepal.

We didn't have much time for shopping inside KLCC 'cause we spent a lot of our time taking tons of photographs with the KL Twin/ Petronas Towers. I tell you, we had a lottttt! But as usual, I can only share you some :) (photos are of low resolution 'cause I watermarked them and minimized their qualities)
^this is actually my fave shot ;)
I tell you.. It's not that easy to take photos with the P.Towers as the background! Vanj was like lying down already while taking photos. Haha! You guys would've seen us (and helped us!).

..with Tita Meds "Tanging Ina" & my sister, Vanj

Kuala Lumpur Tower

Upon seeing our pic @ Bulgari store, mom said, "Jez, Vanj, you girls look like Bulgari sales ladies!" haha. Oh yeah, mom. Right :p

here's my cousin Owen with Wai Ye & Stephen

Stephen, Vanj, Jez, Wai Ye
left pic: me striking a pose in front of KLCC before leaving
right pic: Wai Ye & Stephen with my cam; trying hard to take a pic with the PTowers. (Don't you think I should've helped them, instead?)

I enjoyed this day very much!
The session on Operation Impact this morning was great! I loved how Rev. Deborah delivered the OI method. I was struck by lots of the things she mentioned. We really should have the faith and guts to share the word of God to other people. We shouldn't be uncertain if the Lord would actually touch one's life. Well, the seminar on OI today was more on the technicalities of witnessing using the OI method. But of course, there were also lots of revelations from the Lord that were brought to us by Rev.Ong-Cheah.

I had so much pleasure with the trip this afternoon.
Kuya Owen was like our clown in the group! haha.
I also enjoyed our fellow delegates' company. Oh, I cannot miss mentioning how Wai Ye & Stephen assisted us very well. Hmm. They can have careers as tourist guides! Ha-ha. Kidding.

Anyway, to wrap up everything,
I would say that Christian life is soooo FUN.
Christian life is never too boring or stiff.
Christian life is a joyful and thrilling life!
Living a Christian life is having one's BEST life NOW!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Project Barnabas '07 Opening Service

Second day!

I excitedly woke up this morning to prepare early for my first Sunday Service at His Sanctuary of Glory Global Ministries. I did not bring any Filipiniana dress so I just wore native accessories. (wise, eh?)

Anyway, I, together with our hosts and Vanj, arrived at the church at around 9 AM - an hour before the service, since our host, Seetha, is one of HSG's service guides. Vanj and I were seated on the third row, in-line with other Filipino delegates.

While we were seated, Destiny Praise (HSG's Praise & Worship Team) were rehearsing and warming-up as well. Oh man. Everything was great. What I was hearing that time made me really eager for the service to start.
The choir was oh-so-great, the worship leader (forgot her name) was impactingly anointed, the sound system was excellent, and, the musicians were way too exceptional. Everything was a-okay :)
Some of those that they sang were Sing Out, Days of Elijah, Clean hands, Making a Difference, Worthy is the Lamb. The church people were on high worship. It was marvelous!

Here are the ministers of the Lord:
(click on the thumbnails for larger view)

delegates from Hungary

Philippines (CIY)



Mr. Richard Tan

Rev. Daniel Cheah (HSGGM Senior Pastor) and Rev. Deborah Ong-Cheah

The Sunday service was actually intended to be the opening service for the Project Barnabas 2007.
I wasn't able to eventually meet new friends today. Everybody was busy. Well, I still have a week to gain some ;)

Oh, I cannot miss mentioning the great dance number that was presented by HSG's Dance Ministry. The dancers were very graceful. I actually recorded/ took a video of their dance number (Prepare Ye the Way int. & a tambourine dance). I haven't uploaded it to YouTube though.

Anyway, sorry if this entry is more of a visual blog..
So, to complete my entry's visuality, here's the welcome presentation HSG Malaysia prepared for us:

I'm just starting to have my best days in Malaysia.

... a week to go :)

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Selamat Datang!

After we purchased another set of plane tickets, we were ready and brave enoughto pull our travel bags into the airport again.

This time, it was real. Haha. Vanj and I flew to Malaysia without any adult with us (but with a DSW permit!). Mom and dad brought us to the airport, to be sure.

Anyway, we were both very excited since it was our first plane trip. We took lots of photos, ofcourse.
(I can only share some 'cause the others are highly secret-worthy.Haha)

Believe me or not, at this age, I can't help but still be amazed how an airplane can actually fly high and swift! haha. Amazing, isn't it?

Anyway, I also took some snaps of the view I had all the time during the flight since I was beside the window.

Our plane pilot must have finished 8 glasses of an energy drink --we arrived at Malaysia 35 mins earlier that the expected take-off. :p

After the Immigration processes we've undergone, we stayed at a specific part of the port to wait for my cousins who stayed at Thailand for 4 days (geek..we should have been with them:( )

Salamat Datang (Welcome)!

We were fetched by Marvin and Erwin (both from HSG Global Ministries) from the airport and brought us to KFC for dinner. Malaysian foods are way too hot! Whhhhew. After which, we were sent to our respective hosts.

Finally... we're at Malaysia! :)