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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Passion Manila 2010

For the second time I have been part of the crazy Passion Manila.

Passion Manila 2010
Araneta Coliseum [sold out]
May 25, 2010, Tuesday
Featuring Louie Giglio, Chris Tomlin, Kristian Stanfill, and the all-time star, JESUS.

People-ing before the conference-concert
Was with 29 other young people from my church. Left at 10:30am. Arrived at 3. Great time of sharing, fellowship, and some sleep with my cell on the road (I would like to tell more about this part on my future blogs).
On the way
Sisters’ date at Coffee Bean. Hung out at Cafe Bola ‘cause the heat on the streets surrounding the coliseum was unbearable (at least for me). Met with our childhood friends, Zion and Kim (plus a new friend, Karl). [photo]
Coffee Bean

Also, I finally met my dear Shing [photo] whom I got to know though Passion ’08 :-D
Entered the coliseum at around 6 PM. This time I got to spend time with the other students I was with.. UNTIL I left to buy a Passion Shirt.

From Upperbox to Patron
I was also with my girls (cell) when Vanj and I bought our Passion shirts. 
My girls and I and the Passion tarp

We were supposed to get foods and drinks when I “accidentally” entered into an upperbox B entrance/ door (not really on the fiddle--- was just checking out). We continued walking and checking out the place when I incidentally entered into a lowerbox entrance. The ushers were kind enough to have just let us pass.
Jumps. Shouts. High five’s.
From Upperbox B seats, we got ones beside the stage! Whoohoo! My cell kept on joking that really they should always follow their leader :-P
with KPStanfill at the back

Hang on in there.. something more interesting happened....
When the lights turned off while the opening video was being played on the large screens of the coliseum, someone gave us passes to the patron area (beside the stage)! Whoohoo!
So yes, my friends, patron! Later on we found ourselves in the front! As in front.
My cell and I are grateful for such a great favor and surprise from God!

Say, Say, Say. Sing, sing, sing.
Of course it was AWESOME to dance, sing, and shout in worship with 10000+ crazy Filipino young people! Pinoy’s are really loud and expressive when it comes to worshipping God through songs (my thought: may we also bring this boldness in winning souls and making disciples!).
Chris Tomlin and the Filipinos
Chris Tomlin again sang the Tagalog version of his well-know song “How Great is Our God”. On a slushy side, check what I’ve got after the event: Chris Tomlin’s own! :-D Yay!
Chris Tomlin and his copy
Chris' copy

(photo credit: Passion268 Blog// the paper is my shot AND is mine now.Yes!)

All for His Fame
P1010193I have heard about that message from John 12 (death of a seed = fruit) for so many times, but it’s just amazing that because God’s Word is truly living and is dynamic, I have just died. again. I have reaffirmed my death on myself and that I am now living for Him alone, for His renown.

Maybe some of you, if you’ve been reading my blogs and know me, would say “but you are already doing that!”.. Well, I could say yes, but as I see it there can only always be a deeper, next, higher, greater level for the things we do for God, and well, this event made me praise God as I have seen my heart’s desire in the past (up to the present) to really take part and take the lead in leading this generation to knowing Jesus.

I don’t care if I’d be the biggest or smallest person in this world; I just want my life to be used in making God famous in this generation!

All-time. Epic. Jesus!

PS. on a totally random and silly thought: Chris Tomlin is seriously cute! :-D
It's shivering that he kept gazing at me when I was in front. Sinabi din ni Presh sa akin ito. Hindi ko nga lang sure if it’s because (on the credit side) I totally look good or because I was totally boisterous. But I’d like to think it’s because I am both :) HAHAHA. Okay, I have to stop typing now while my dignity’s still intact :-P Kinilig lang:-P Please let’s now all pretend I didn’t just publish this last part.haha. Yaiks! :-D
Will post more photos on my Facebook and/or Flickr
**most photos taken by Vanj with her LX3

Friday, May 14, 2010

Shooting photographs for Bangon Pilipinas

Last April 27, I have been given the chance to shoot photographs for Bangon Pilipinas when the team visited Nueva Ecija for (1) a press con at San Jose City, and (2) a meeting de avance at Cabanatuan City's Freedom Park.
You see, I'm only a hobbyist and not a professional photographer, but I am grateful for such a great opportunity.

Some perks: getting front seats, getting to see them up-close, being on the stage (with the team) for the whole event, backstage pass, having good shots, feeling close! Haha :-D

(L-R) Bro.Eddie during the press con, the famed Bus ni Bro and me, Bro.Eddie and some senatoriables,
Bro.Eddie being welcomed by the crowd, Bro.Eddie with the Diyos at Bayan hand sign, hands play,
Yasay, Bro.Eddie with Yasay and wife Dory, Bro.Eddie and the crowd

Another cool thing that happened was that Alex Tinsay happily asked me to take photographs of him in front of the huge crowd, then gave me his email ad so I could send him copies of the photos. After that he told me, "hija, ipahawak mo muna sa kanya yung camera para makapag-pa-picture tayo". Yeehee!
Alex Tinsay

I think one of the most awesome things that happened was meeting and getting to converse with Perfecto "Jun" Yasay, former SEC secretary and the whistle blower for Erap's ill-gotten wealth. I might sound fangirling already, but I really do admire him --- his integrity, wisdom, and leadership abilities (add to that he's a fellow PK!). My mom could attest to this.. before the event she even joked that she'd try to get on stage only to tell Yasay that I am his number one fan! Haha. Little did I know that I would tell him that myself :-D

I also got to take a picture with Bro.Eddie, though I didn't get to really 'talk' (as in like I did with the other candidates) to him as he was frequently on the center-stage.


I'll end this blog through sharing a panoramic shot (8 photos stitched) of the park, the huge crowd, and the candidates on the stage..
Bangon Pilipinas meeting de avance at Cabanatuan City

It was a great experience. When I got to see my church mates, mom, and dad again after the even (yes, I was on the stage the whole time!), dad teased me by telling me "alam ko ikaw ang pinakamasaya ngayong gabi". And really, I think so, too! :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A heart to impart (Virac mission trip)

During one of my prayer times on the early days of March, I felt a strong conviction to pray for the youth group of our daughter church (outreach) in Virac, Catanduanes. I subsequently reached their youth leader (thanks, Facebook!) to communicate my heart’s desire to help their youth group grow. A month later, my dad assigned Pastor Rodel to visit Catanduanes. It’s humbling that I was the first person he asked to be part of the team. Above the reason that it’s gonna be my first time to see Bicol, what made me most excited was seeing how God has provided a venue for the desire he’s sown in my heart to be materialized.

May 2 (Sunday), 9 AM, I left for Virac together with three more youth leaders – my sister, Vanj, Jett, and Giovan, and eight other church leaders and pastors. Travelling for 26 hours has not been boring for us at all – it was full of all kinds of good conversations! (more side kwentos next time). Sure, it was tiring to have to be in a vehicle for more than a day, but I believe because I had the mindset that I am going there to bless God’s people by being an encouragement to them, the long trip seemed to rather be a journey of excitement and just being prepared to do the works of God.

We arrived at the place the following day, May 3 at 11 AM. 26 hours on the road! 26 hours!

It was made known to me from the start that our main purpose on visiting Virac is to empower their youth group so I have been fully occupied by the notion that I am not leaving that place without being used by God to make an impact in the lives of the young people there. Well, I can say that I was able to truly minister to their youth group having that mindset. In the afternoon of our first day there, I've met with their youth group (together with my colleagues) for a special youth service. We initially got to know each other so they’d be at ease with us ministering to them and leading them. I began the service telling them that my heart is not only to share information, but to have impartation.

I preached about fruitfulness in terms of Christ-likeness and multiplication. I think the message was extra powerful because I have always mentioned of my experiences in the youth ministry in the past, and how we actually begun the youth ministry from a very small and young-in-faith group of budding youth leaders (more like them). They were challenged and were given hope that if God was able to do it in our youth ministry, He too can move in their youth group. After the message, tuwang-tuwa ang pastor nila. I was told that I’ve scored a bull's eye! Glory to God!

Not wanting to waste a moment, in the evening I’ve stayed up ‘till 11 with some girls who didn’t want to leave just yet (did I mention they were hungry and eager for fire?)– taught them the significance of doing devotions, and having accountability over each other. Ayaw pa talaga nilang umuwi by 11, but I insisted na kasi baka mapagalitan sila ng parents. :-D [Note to leaders: don’t neglect balance.]
So yes, first day pa lang God has already made such great moves na! Oh how I love to partner with the Holy Spirit!

I had to wake up before 8 the following day for a special church service. I didn't preach in that service but I shared with them a short testimony about our ministry. Told them to love and support their pastor because our ministry in San Jose City wouldn't have been this successful so far if there weren’t people who worked hand in hand with my parents in our early years in the ministry.

We’ve joined their anniversary celebration in the evening. I know that church started from a small family a few years ago, so it’s my joy to see how they’ve grown through the years. They may not be the biggest church in their place (YET, I tell you. YET!), but God has manifested Himself greatly through the advancements made on the local church.

After the celebration, I was told that there were young people who asked their parents’ consent about sleeping over at the church so they could spend the whole night with me and my colleagues. Well, since it was our last night in Virac, I’ve made up my mind that I will really maximize the time I could spend with the eager ones.
At 12 AM, I’ve asked the girls to take a nap before we start our sharing. Meanwhile, I’ve spent I think two hours with some male young people (who were murdering chickens! Haha. JK) along with Giovan. We’ve basically talked about relationship within the (boys') group. They were inspired to build a deeper relationship with each other, especially that boys are somewhat rare in the group.
After our conversations, Giovan was amazed at how I dealt with the boys. Told him I’m following Jesus’ model --- a Jew to the Jews, a Gentile to the Gentiles! :)

The girls got up at around 2AM. We’ve begun our sharing then along with the boys. We talked about the importance of having an active personal relationship with Christ, and its role as a prerequisite to multiplication. They were sooo hungry for the Word! They also shared of how they became determined to really get deeper in their relationship with Jesus. It’s a very simple matter that I highlighted, but I think it’s what really matters. Everything else regarding ministry growth will only be outcomes of perfecting that. Anyway, we wrapped up our fellowship at around 4AM.

As our team left at around 6 AM, the youth were still up as they wanted to bid us their goodbyes and see-you-soon’s. They were grateful for the fire they have received!

Well, I too am grateful for such a great opportunity to minister and encourage my sisters and brothers in Virac. Truly, God never runs out of venues for us to serve Him and His body. Sure, my trip there was not that luxurious and comfy, but I believe because God has blessed me with a heart to impart, God was able to maximally move through me in that place. No, by saying that I don’t desire to bring glory to myself but to the One who planned this all.

What God has revealed to me through this whole trip is that when there are hands that desire to serve, He’ll provide areas for them to work. Not only that, He’ll also equip those hands with His anointing, fire, and strength.


I thank God for a great opportunity to work for His Kingdom! What a great master/boss I have.