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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Last chance to register for the YEW!

JRC will have a
Youth Encounter Weekend
this week (Friday & Saturday).
Registration has started a few weeks ago, but if you haven't registered yet, you may do so by going at the church office on Wednesday, 6PM.

Registration is P500per delegate.
The church believes sooo much that this 2-day Encounter is will be very significant to the lives of young people, so it will be shouldering more than half of the expenses kaya naman P200 nalang per person ang registration fee!

We really want you to join and not miss what the Lord will do in your life, kaya mag-register na, pleaselang. We will be providing excuse letters for those who have classes ng Oct.24&25(kasi nga we really believe that you will benefit from this for a LIFETIME).

Comment on this entry or send me an SMS if you want to have what you should have through this Encounter :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Univ, SPSS, Ptr.Rich, 18th

Long time no update..

Anyway, final exams are over but I still am very much occupied with university requirements' deadlines (research, mini-thesis, and the like).
Literature235, Guidance and Counseling, FilPsych, Social Psych, Psychometrics, Methods of [Social] Research

I'm actually busy doing my requirements for MetRes, but yeah, I wanted a break (and I wanted to update my blog!).

Random things I'd want to share:

1. SPSS gives heaps of help for researchers! Love, love, love it! I need to know more abt it, though.
It's far better than MS Excel, though I still can't figure out how auto save works on it (in case of power interruption). Imagine not solving for statistical reliability, correlation, and the like. Okayyy.. I should stop (you must be going like "whatever" already. haha)

2. One of my studies is about the levels of relationships among members of youth ministry groups and their (levels of r'ships') influence on young people’s involvement, so I've been bugging my Evangelical/ Protestant friends to take part of my study through answering my 2 pretests and the final survey form I've come up with. Also, to increase my number of respondents, I've been emailing whoever to ask them if they could participate on my study. So yeah, I've been sending out online messages that go like this:
...I'm currently doing a study about the involvement of young people in youth ministry groups of Born-again/ Protestant churches. In line with this, I'm looking for interested young people who can be my respondents. Kindly reply to this message and give your your email address or directly email me at ******@*com if you wish to contribute. Also, you may refer some young people from your church to take the survey as well.
Your response will be highly appreciated.

Thank you very much. God bless!
Thanks to the cyber people from KKB, Multiply, and TeenTalk, that I was able to have an acceptable number of online respondents (my paper-and-pen respondents composes most of my study's respondent frequency, though).

3. I love watching live video streams from Generations Church's site. GC, btw, is a church in Arizona (USA) which Ptr. Rich Witmer, G12 coordinator for the Philippines, pastors at. I love the way he gives messages -- a mixture of funny, witty, straight/ frank, sarcastic, serious, heavy, and very much anointed. I also love how in their church, they do altar call at the end of every Sunday/ Saturday service for those who'd want to accept Jesus as Savior.
Souls saved, lives recommitted! WOW!

4. We still got 3 weeks until my 18th birthday, but I still am clueless of how to celebrate it! haha. I've always told my mom that I don't want my 18th birthday to appeal like a wedding reception, but I also do not want it to be as simple as an after-exam party :-P
Anyhow, if I would want to switch to a wed reception-like party, time wouldn't permit us to. So yeah, my elder sister's coming over this weekend, and we're thinking of planning for it when she comes. Gah. I have no idea what I would want my party to be (boo!).
I actually once planned of just having an out-of-the-country family vacation, but err.. November's not a good month for that since 2nd semester would be kicking in.
How about a formal but fun thanksgiving party?..


Kk, that'd be it for now. Back to mini-thesis.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Candy Blog Awards' awarding

The Candy Fair was awesome!

Well, that’s what I can figure out through the tons of photos that Candy girls have been posting on their blogs and multiply accounts since Saturday on the web. Haha.

I received an email from Ms.Macy, Candy’s Web & Mobile Producer, last Friday (October 3) saying that the awarding rites for the 2008 Candy Teen Blog Awards, where this blog won for the Best Special Interest Category, will be at the Candy Fair (scheduled October 4) which will be (or, was) held at the A.Venue Hall in Makati Ave , Makati City.

Obviously, I wasn’t able to come because I knew about it just the day before the Candy Fair/ awarding. Also, I got other inflexible plans for that Saturday.

Sayang talaga. Nevertheless, I still am very thankful for the win!
Candy Blog Awards