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Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Nov 2006 Blogsf

N.E. with church buddies..

Monday, November 6th, 2006
Oh yeah! I am enrolled already!
AB-3 na ako.. Im a bit scared though since I do not know anybody there while they have been classmates for a sem already.. But well,I can do it right?

Anyway, after a stressing enrollment, Jett, Dhez, Jhen(buddy) and I have decided to go home na. Hmm..guess what, accdg to Dhez and buddy madaldal na raw si Jett. I was not with them during the enrollment kasi advanced na ako sa steps ng enrollment. So yun..

When we were about to home already, wala kming msakyang jeepney..all were almost full. But then, may dumaan na jeep –libreng sakay sa NE! haha. Yeah. We grabbed the iopprtunity. Our plan was actually to just drop-by NE then uwi narin.tipid in a way. But!!!
Nag-aya ako bigla magmeryenda..and yes, treat ko :)
It’s my bday on wednesday..hehe..Yun lang!

We spent more than an hour sa NE. Daming chikkas… pero hindi to the highest level ang daldal ni Jett..dont know why..cguro gnon tlga pag busog.hahah! Kiiding…. *peace Jett*
We also saw Kuya Jake who was working there.
After loads of topics to talk about, before 5pm, we have decided to gome home already. jett,Jhen and I were together parin since we all live in san jose town proper unlike dhez who resides in Roseville.
Yun! gotta go…may parctice pa kami ;)



a ha-ha-happy birthday bash!

Wednesday, November 8th, 2006
Nov.8,2006—my 16th birthday.
I slept at around 2AM bec there were people greeting me at about 12AM.
Yep. I was expecting more friends to greet me but hey, they seem to be having a good night sleep.Well, that’s okay, Michelle,Kiko D, Roi, Fiery, Paul, and Partner sent me an sms. Partner Micah even called me..aww.sweet.
Hours later, about 6AM (too early!), I found myself in the middle of a BIGsurprise!
What was it? My bestfriend(buddy), Reina, Jett, Julius, & Giovan were singing "Araw Mo" outside the door! OMG! I immediately woke up..and yes, i was soooo surprised! They are such sweet and surprising people!
They gave me a giant bday card and a bouquet of roses.
There were 5 roses:
5. giovan
And ofcourse, we needed something to eat!haha. I told mom not to have a party anymore since I just want a simple birthday. Im not to young for baloons, party hats, and marshmallow on sticks!haha. But omg, muy mom is a super mom! She managed to immediately have a spaghetti ready and lots of foods added (to think she realli isn’t a kitchen freak).
Where am i?
too bad, im the one taking pics.haha.
Here are my sweet friends..having the sweet spaghetti sauce.
–thanks mom!–

And then, after (and ofcourse, while) eating, we had so much chat! haha.
As if we weren’t together the night before. Yes, we were all together at the church the night before my birthday. I didn’t know they had a plan pala.
Anyway, after the chats and all, at around 8:20 AM, they already left.

It was around 7 PM when the wole family decided to finally have a dinner. NE?no! opening today so there were A LOT of people. As usual, my ever fave fast food resto..chowking!
Mom, dad, vanj, mj, nay paz, jenny rose, ate joy, bayaw josh, gwen, ate tess were there. Yeah. complete ever! It’s just a usual dinner. I do not want to have all emo and desire for something verrrryyy dramatic or what. It has always been fun!
Then, after eating and drinking 2 large nai cha’s, we strolled away!
Mom and dad were in the car and everybody else was at the back of bayaw’s pick-up. It was soooo cold!
Then, after a while, we went to ercury drug to buy whatever.
Then, we finally went home with our bodies chilling.
What shall we do? ofcourse! Take pictures. Tons of picture.

Indeed it was fun. Super fun.

I thank God for the happiness and the joy I’ve got.

Now, i am pretty&sweet 16, I hope I will continue to be a blessing to others still.

Happy birthday to me


Faith can move a mountain indeed!

Friday, November 24th, 2006
Last sunday afternoon, when I realized that we will actually be having our Youth service on Friday (today), I felt that I was not so ready..
I don’t know.. The fact that it was not announced and was just announced during a youth meeting (JRC youth were not complete during the meeting) somehow pulled me off to prepare myself for the Youth Service.
Yes, I suddenly realized that maybe I was just lacking faith. Absolutely I was lacking faith.

Then, when we had our practice for the praise&worship last thursday, oh!!! It was great..I thank God for His power..
Then just this evening, oh…the service was great!
I thank the Lord for guiding, helping, and showing us His mighty ways.
The outside should never affect the inside.
I bless and thank the Lord!
Oh, the lineUp… heart of Worship, Come Now is the time to worship, One Way (you’re the only one..You’re the only one..), You Are my world (after a long time!), then inulit namin yung Heart of Worship…

Thank God!

Ptr. Phil’s message from the Lord was great and moving :)

Good night! God bless us all!


Friday, September 1, 2006

Sept & Oct 2006 Blogs

youth worship team stands :)

Monday, September 25th, 2006
yeah, the youth worship team is on the go..
recently, we had our youth night (sept.15) which was superrr great!
<—- sept15 youth net (check out my photos to see a larger  and clearer version of the photo)

then, last sunday, sept.24, it was my 6th time to lead p&w but my !ST TIME to lead the p&w ng sUndAy sErvice!!! can you believe it?
we made it! it was like a youth service nga daw.hehe..
my back-ups were vanj, dhez, jake. lead guitar:giovan, bass:julius, acoustic:mac & seph, keyboard (na back-up narin): jett!
-I give You my heart
-We Want To see
-Trading My Sorrows
-My Redeemer Lives
-Here I am to Worship
-we Fall Down
-Now that You’re near

oh yeah! it was awesome!
a chance for the youth to satnd up and show God’s greatness!!!

kakakaba yun took lots of courage and prayers!
well, God is and will always be good naman kaya super okay!

whew! next stop: kami tutugtog sa men’s net (kmsta namn?!) haha…

whew! God is incredible!
To God be ALL the glory! :)

Friday, September 8th, 2006
practice with the p&w team for the youth net.

brownout. cancelled lahat even classes

Kain lang kmi ni buddy sa old tpos punta sa house namin..kain..basa..tulog..
Prayer meeting cancelled..nagpractice ulet.

tamd.wlang pasok(intrams).
Punta sa kita-kita to meet the youth there.
After dun, punta church…meeting about the youth net tpos great prayer!!

pasok ng morning kahit masama pkramdam para sa term paper..
bahay lang
punta church 4 agape.
uwi.kain. computer.


Goodbye 1st sem: Hello sembreak!
Friday, October 6th, 2006
sembreak na!
anyway, ayun..after a week of late night sleeps preparing for the finals, okay naman…all my efforts were payed off kasi ng wla nanag classes!!!
i can wake up anytime..sleep anytime! woohoo!!
i’ve got more time for lots of things, too.
By the way, knina, ayun, after ng math exam, nagpunta ako with my college buddies sa maragol, munoz. I will surely miss diana, mariz, rjean, harold, and monmon.
They were just so real. Real people. Real friends.
Every moment with them were full of jaw-breaking laughters!
Haha…I will miss them since i’ll be in another section next sem kc i wont be taking up bs bio ..
anyway, i would like to thank diane, mariz, rjean, harold, and monmon for making my 1st sem in college a memorable and fun-filled one.
Yopu guys are so cool..super!
I’ll be missing lahata ng pagtawa ni diana sakin, ang tigidig ni mariz(peace mare!), and bilbil ng singer naming tamad na c rjean, ang mga reklamo at tawang wala nang bukas ni harold na mgaling mapiano and violin, at ang mga kanang certified "monmon" ni mon!

I love college. I thought i would never love college…
yeah, i am missing highschool but i am loving college,too.
And i am pretty sure i wont without my new friends…:-)

Highschool friends would always be in my heart xempre naman mga bolox!

i love you all…

you are all gifts of God.super.

hayyyy..sembreak na nga tlga…

enjoyyyyyyy! :)


From pampanga to nueva ecija; RJ and Mark

Saturday, October 14th, 2006
Monday-Friday nasa Pampanga lang ako this week. I lived in SM. hehe..kidding..
Anyway, kasi my aunt came from the states. she was my fave aunt actually.. When i was a kid, i remember other jokes that she was actually my real mom.hehe.. I looked like her daw..and so on.. But you know what, it turned out to be somehow true. We have a lot in common. I’ll share them sometime.
Anyway, my six days there were fun.. I missed our province kasi since i got in college, i was aways left home during family trips since i badly needed to attend my classes (don’t want to miss a single lesson from my monster profs! haha). So this time, i enjoyed to the maxxxxx!!! And oh, i shopped for those times that i was not able to shop because of school, too! I spent those days talking and talking, walking and walking, eating and eating and eating and eating and eating, shopping and shopping and swiping mom’s card, play with my pamangkins (sometimes being a nanny in a way..), and ofcourse..SLEEPING.
Anyway, this afternoon, my aunt together with my niece left again.. we went home then at around 7Pm.
It was about 8:30 PM when i, togethr with ate zel, k.josh, & vanj, decided to take a stop-over at select (cabanatuan). We were also supposed to wait for mommy and daddy there since magkahiwalay kmi ng car. Actually, ang topic namin sa car that time was my hs classmates….wla lang.
Tpos yun, to my surprise, we saw Rhonjames and Mark! Thank goodness for this coincidence! I was so excited to get off the van and talk to them! I havent seen them for a whole sem! ghad..this is pretty cool :)
So yun, they were friends din with kuya joshua kaya konting chika2 sila..
Then, after a while, iniwan muna ako nila ate joy (hazel as u call her..) so they can order na.. Ayun, kwentuhan and kumustahan.. Haha.. Secret lang, i was actually about to hug ‘em kaso baka may malice sa iba.hehe.. nasanay lang ako kasi during hs, it was okay lang since magkkapatid naman kmi… anyway, when i see them again (maybe tom!).
And then, ayun, umalis nrin kmi without wating for mom and dad kc nsa gapan plang daw cla..
Oh! im excited to see my hs classmates na..superrr!!!
Tomorrow, i guess i’ll see you guys to!
Im looking forward to our unbeatable hugs! I miss you partner (miCah), cha, jan(wala lang), meryll (na nambibitin..), isay, ced, rhon, mark, levi, mond, sam(close na ulit tayo sembrk na.hehehe), dvd, fiery(aww..d mo sembrk), erick(belated!), mich labs, kiko (nkakasilaw!), james (puno??), hipag (kanta naman jan ng mata..), romney(ayaw ibigay ng gf mo skin yung number mo haa..), brent(layo mo kc..), jolo(forever yael.period.), romina, at marami pang iba!! :)

See you guys. \m/

ayun eh.uso na nanaman nyan… deal or no deal!!!!hahaha :))


Oct.15′06, 1:39AM


After a sem..get-together ng mga bolox!

Friday, October 20th, 2006

It’s been a sem na di kmi ngkita-kita ng mga hs classmates ko a.k.a. the Bolox.
This morning, we were supposed to catch each other at Aglibo Resort kya lang i wasnt able to make it since I was supposed to go to Pampanga with mom and dad.
Actually, naiwan na ako.. So, yun..nung afternoon, about 2PM, Levi came sa ho use kasi may ibbigay ako sa knyang CD. Then, ayun..chikka2 since we haven’t seen each other for i think almost 5 months.
Then, after some minutes, i called up partner (miCah) so they can come too..).
I also called Meryll.. ayun, nka-rinig ng pagkain..nagpunta.hehe..
Ang tagal kya nlang dmating! superrr… Anyway, pagdating nila, ayun…super i miss you..hello..musta..and so on..
Rhonjames, Mark V, Jolo & Meryll (dpat tlgang mgksama yun.hehe), andKarl Von came. Yeah, we were only 8 then. But who cares? The fun we had was like having 88 people around! haha!
Oh, they are also internet freaks..they have checked videos from YouTube like partner’s  Stay, and yung mga hyper mag-guitar na videos…(check out levi’s profile to see)
Then, food galore na!
Haha..they all got fat..except for levi na pumayat..ehemm..proud nanaman sya nyan.. Pero khit mtba clang lahat, pnkain ko cla ng pnakain.hehe.
We also took lots of pictures..ofcourse, remembrance yun.
Then ayun, before 5pm, i asked them to take a stroll muna..So yun, dala kc ni rhon starex nia so yun..ikot2 till we dropped by isay and kathy :)
Next stop: Aglibo resort. haha..funny. Nagpunta rin ako..hehe
Bday pala ni tin2 (Levi’s younger sis) so andun mga classmates niya..

Anyway, before 7pm hinatid na ako nla levi, parner, rhon, and kiko D.

Classmates!!! i miss u ulit.hehe.
Hours are so short to replace the days and months that i have been missing you!
I really hope to bond with you all more this semestral break.
I hope we can be complete naman one time..

Oh, check out this video:
I’ll post our pics soon okay? check out my profile next time so you’ll see em.

Thursday, June 1, 2006

June,July,Aug 2006 Blogs

1st day of College Life

Monday, June 5th, 2006
hainaku.. i woke up at 6:30 in the morning since 8:30 ung pasok ko… too early? d naman… 15mis kc papuntang school… un!
college na ako! hnatid ako ni dad sa univ..
tpos i saw muna mga hs clasmates (rd, rose-ann, jovel..)..cla naghelp skin mgpunta sa room ko..
then i met my new friends kahit na at first.. ghad! muka silang mga weird..haha
tpos un..evryone was looking on my feet everytime i walk.
as in khit san ako mglakad, lhat tumitingin sa paa ko! kc im wearing this purple sandals from manel’s… eh ang puti ng feet ko…kc fair ung skin un…sobrang pansinin pa kc nka-pedal akong black..haha
school was fun! gnon pla pag college… khit 4pm pa uwian, 3pm pnapauwi na..hahaha plus..super nanibago ako kc i was able to use my fone sa loob ng classroom! which was d ko mgawa nung hs…hahaha it was fun!
although obviously, the froshies looked like freshmen tlga!haha getz mo? the way they dress… was good din kc parang may meeting place lang yung mga JRC Youth (ksama ko sa church) kasi most of them, dun din ngaaral… :)

basta! kaya ko yan! close kmi ni God! :)



Friday, June 16th, 2006
i hate ROTC!!!!
i never imagined myself marching on our school’s oval wearing those comouflage uniform…ghad.. >>a thick and heavy jacket plus huge pants that sinks my body in..<< plus..the oh-so-unfashionable black leather hi-cut boots!
argh! d ko tlga type un….

and just today, we had our NSTP orientation..haynku! i was included sa list ng mga magttake ng ROTC. I was expectingt hat i would be in for the CWTS trainees… hay!
i hope everything will be okay soon.
i would be trying to transfer sa CWTS…
till my next blog…


Marathon grp msging (levi,isay,micah) plus a tiring day!

Monday, June 19th, 2006
oh yeah! lastnyt,(june18) till kning early morning, haha..txt marathon lang ako while studying algebra (argh!alam ko na ung subset!!haha…applause pls… :) )
un,it all stated nung naggrpmsg kmi ni isay..then nagjoin na c partner pretty c pooh levi…yeaiy! i missed them so much..
it semms as if lastnyt/this early morning ko nlang cla ulit nkatxt ng a grp msgng way..para naman feel prin ng 4th yr classmates ko na parang nrrnig lang nla kmi sa room ng mcmc..nagsisisgawn..nagssoryhan..ngkkwentuhan..ngmomoment!
well..i had in super…
i would hug the three of them when i get to see them1 super npasay nla ang tiring day ko…

well,much of those 3chuvas… *peace*..
about school this day..hay1 hirap tlga mag-breakin ng sandals sa CLSU! (haha..break-in? as if car y0n?!)
ouch tlga ako while walking knina..hay..bti nlang mganda ako..haha
well,okay lang..dnt worry, im still pretty :)
well,early this morning,aba..yung prof ko sa fil, gndang-gnda skin..haha..
ewan ko dun,,,ang ganda ko daw, dpat daw wag akongaarte.. duh..if she only knows..hahaha….
well, after my fil class, mrs.castillo, my prof in euthenics, txted me asking me to announce na wla kming class!!!! yehey!!!
saya…it seemed like a stormy day during highschool.. (i remember my joy when i go to school and see a banner that says "no classes–signal3choochoo…")

so yun!~

then,after school, mga 5pm, dretso agad ako sa church..
may practice pa kmi ng dance for friday..conferment nla mom and dad..
ayun..[pagod na ako..
i still have assignments to do…
bye blogsters!!!!

-sleeping beauty-


2 days with my partner

Tuesday, July 25th, 2006
last Friday, at around 2:30 pm, nagpunat ako sa house ng partner ko sa CL… (miCah)
she just came from mla since she studies there.
I just grabbed the opportunity to see her.
pero before that, i saw Sweet (Sam)..
ayun, sbi nya sabay na kmi..alright! my 2nd time na sumakay sa car nya..
naku…na-chismis pa kmi..kmi daw! hala.. oa…a2
wla yun noh… ano ba! taken na yun plus we’re good ex classmates.

anyway, ayun, nagpunta kmi kla partner micah and xempre..chika2..
tpos umalis ng sandali c sam.. dmating naman c jolo…
umalis nanaman c jolo…kmi nlang ni micah..hehe
sulit na sulit ah!
tpos pgbalik ni samboy, we have decided na kumain kasi mga past 6pm na yun. kakaalis lang din ng mga visitors nila micah. so yun, umalis na kmi and we went sa old market.. OJ’s yta yung mini canteen na yun… treat pala ni micah kming 3. haha! then, after a while, we saw tart (Jamie) wlaking. So, eventually, we called him and asked him to  join our snack. ayun, getogether…
then, before 7pm, uwi na ako..

and then, it was saturday na….july22 na..
normally, may rotc ako, pero sa auditorium lang kmi kasi may forst aid lessons kmi. natulog lang ako actually. hehe
tpos ayun,. tnxt ako ni micah, andun pa daw xa and alis xa ng aftrelunch.
tpos nagpunta ako skanila.. ayun, sabay kming nag-ford papauntang san jose..
then, uit’s lunch time na.. kaya jollibee muna… (sorry wlang yellow cab noh partner! hahaha) ayun, treat ko naman.
then, aftyer namin maglunch, dun na kmi sa mga vans papuntang baguio.
kya lang, xa plang ang passenger. she should wait pa na dumami mga passengers!
ghad! that would be hours of waiting!
kya i have decided to stay muna..
hay naku… mga kaboloxan ng 4th yr ang topic. mega moment kami (but dont worry, we did not cry.). we have talked about everybody in the batch!
c cha na nageenjoy sa college life, si meryll na jolo at jolo na meryll, c jolo na spongecola, c rhon na kuya ng batch, ako0 na bunso, c micah na fashio icon, c emon na nlulungkot sa cab, c mark na namimis ang solid trio, c levi na npkagaling maggtara na nagalait sakin sa clsu non, c levi na nkabrace at hirap na hirap tumawa, c my humps dale, c jan na ayos ng ayos sa hair, c fiery na animo sabik, c brent na nadz, c karl von aka bamboo, c jovel na mhilig sa bolox, mga ex gf ng mga bolox na yun… at kung ano2 pa!
bsta lahat ng memories ng 4th yr…

then, it was 2:40 when i have decided to finally bid my goodbye to her kasi punta pa ako ng church.

im missing micah and all my classmates.
you all will be forever a part of me.
i love you.


JRC’s August 12 Youth Net

Sunday, August 13th, 2006
God is an awesome God!
We had our August youth net yesterday at 3pm sa JRC.
Ohhhh…God is marvelous!
It was my 3rd time to lead the praise and worship..
Line up?
Heart of Worship, Open the Eyes of My Heart, Trading My Sorrows, Draw Me close to You, Here I am To Worship.

sayang walang pictures during the p&w so we can post them sa church!

<— those were during our mini comedy skit was a great experince..
ptr.phillip was an annointed preacher!
the games were fun khit talo kmi..hehe
bsta! it was indeed a move of God!
kaya next time magyouth net na kayo okay?!

Monday, May 1, 2006

May 2006 Blogs

DVBS San Jose

Friday, May 26th, 2006 at

Many of my friends asked me why i have been so busy these past 3-4 that would be for a month..
So, here it is! Get ready to know the latest on me…
We had a program in our church, Jesus Revival Church, for the kids this summer. We call it DVBS . It is a program wherein we teach kids of different ages fro a week.
I happily volunteered to be one of the teachers. Actually, i was also a volunteeer last year.. Anyway, i’ll continue…
This year’s DVBS theme was "Home Planet: Caring For God’s Creation".
We, the teachers were called their Nature’s Guides.. weird noh?
So there you go with the basics…
Why were we busy?

A week before DVBS, we prepared so much..
The Planeteers’ name tags, attendance charts, workbooks, crayons, pens, visual aids,.. BAsta! it was so tiring tlga.. good thing we were all ejoying kasi super close kmi nung mga youth sa church .
To maintain order, we divided the kids into groups according to their ages. 
  • Planet Savers (ages 4-6)
  • Planet Pals (ages 7-9)
  • Planet Rangers (ages 10-14)
I was designated to Planet Pals.
May 15-19 was fun! super kulit ng mga kids… It brought me so much joy because it was a great way for the kids to know God even at an early age. We had games, snacks, dances, songs, cheers, story-tellings,..and more!
It was May 19, Friday, when we had our graduation!
Hey! our team, Planet Pals won the Best in Costume award !
To God be the Glory! :)


Singer na ba ako?

Monday, May 29th, 2006 at

no, no, no…
im not!
bago lang haircut ko pero that does not mean na new career nrin..
san nagstart ang issue? kasi dba we’re having our youth net on friday, eh yun, dapat part ako ng worship team (the band that play during the entire worship know..we sing lively and mellow songs sa church), eh yun..
im not a singer naman tlga pero no choice nrin..
later this evening, i asked my dad (who is also the pastor of our church) of who will play for the praise&worship. I suggested na ung band nung church nung guest speaker nlang namin. So yun..he called our speaker (actually pamangkin niya un-cousin ko.) and asked him if he could bring his band too..
ayun1 okay naman! pmayag din! kaso may practice a dapat kmi ng 5pm sa church!
nagpunta parin ako..pagdating ko, nagsorry c julius skin (mdyo ngktmpuhan kmi khapon).. Ayun, andun na c giovan, joseph, kim, and sam.
Ayun..nagplay na muna..ung Born to love you which was composed by kuya sam’s bandmate.. ext, dumating cla ate melo and lea..
Then we practiced diff songs.. jamming lang,..
Forever..One Way..Draw me close to you..You are my world..more!!!
tpos, bandang huli, ung Open the eyes of my heart nlang ang pnractice namin plus yung vineyard version ng mrecy is falling…

Tpos..uwian na!!!!
Again, im inviting you to join our YOuth Net on June 2 (Friday) at 1pm sa church namin.. Jesus revival Church… abar 1st.. uhm, tbi xa ng omphong’s internet cafe.. Highway lang yun.. Yung blue tall church sa highway! ;)

SEe You!
Come and be part of a revolution for JESUS! :)