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Monday, July 20, 2009

I smell something TWEET-y

Check out my first ever tweet (post made on
more than a year, I only had like 20+ updates on twitter. Lately, however, I've been enjoying this tweet stuff. I even added twitter applications my blog (check that on the left side), Facebook, multiply, and Friendster accounts! This means even if I rarely update my other online profiles (as i've decided to stick on to my blog nalang), I could still actually update them (labo ba?) :-D

What added to my fascination on tweeting was a site/project called ISIP.PH. I love, love, love it because it allows registered Filipino tweeters (users of Twitter) to actually send tweets thru their mobile phones via SMS--kahit hindi iPhone or BlackBerry-- for free (or for a peso, pag hindi naka-unli--yata, ha. I still have to check that out).

Well, even if others say that Plurk is the site to go for microblogging, I'd still go for the so-last-month classic Twitter :-)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Best worship experience, anyone?

Do you have what you consider your 'best worship experience'?
After Hillsong United’s worship concert [and I Heart CD promotion] here in the PH last year, the blogosphere was filled with posts that went like “it was my best worship experience” or “never praised like that before”. My heart rejoiced. HSU have been catalysts for breakthrough!
Anyway, while I agreed that it was indeed an unforgettable night, I do remember that in a casual talk with Ps.Phillip a few days after the concert, I mentioned that unlike most recent blogs on the WWW, I simply couldn’t say that it was the first time I worshiped God that way, nor it was the ultimate and best worship experience for me. Instantaneously, Ps.Phillip responded that he could say the same. “Mas matindi pa sa youth service”, he replied (not the exact words, though.hehe).
Having that outlook, I just praise God because (now in exact words I’ve put it last year—recorded sa diary ko ito, that’s why) “hindi na kailangan pang i-lead ako ng HSU para makapag-worship ng totoo at superb kay Lord”.
After all, worship is the abundance of a life, heart, spirit that connects to God, and not the abundance merely of a magnificent musical experience.

Up to this day, I delight in the Lord when I look back at that moment when I was able to realize that I have caught the heart of worship even at an early age. Yes, I do also have little times of obscurities that parallel to moments of back-face from worship and pleasing God, but He is faithful enough to always have His arms wide open. Thus, I live to this day still being thankful that worshipping God doesn’t necessarily require a dome, a great band or choir, but a heart and spirit that meets His heart whether I'm at school taking a quiz, at home sipping a cup of hot choco, at church leading worship, or in my room praying :)