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Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Season

Hello, everyone! Sorry for such a late post.
Photoblogging ahead :)

December 23 - JRC's Christmas Cantata '07
Fear Not: Encountering the Christ of Christmas

It was my first time to see such a huge streamer. It was as big as a billboard na nga, eh.
The choir members looked fab with their gowns and all. They did very, very well!
There was also a mysterious Mary that night. Shhh.. It was me! Haha. First time to be Mary.
Not everyone knew about it. Sobrang biglaan lang kasi, so there. Kami ni Kimpot. :-D

Our dance was also g-r-e-a-t! Whoohoo.

It was the best Christmas Cantata we had, yet. Awesome!
People almost froze while watching the performances that they seldom give applauses. Hah.
Sabi nga namin, each seat must've costed P500/ each. Hahah.
Thank you, Lord!

December 24 - Noche Buena
We planned not to leave for Pampanga as we used to in the past years 'cause mom, being the Canatata's Conductress, needed a filthy rest.
Some young people visited us, too!

December 25 - Christmas Day!
Without length of sleep (I was online from 11PM-4AM!), we prepped at 4 and left before 7 AM.
I slept the whole travel, as expected.
Christmases at Pampanga have always been fun (and equally
magulo) as well as pila-ful :-P Clan get-together na rin :)

December 27 - 28 - Baguio City!
It was like a short unplanned vacation. Super fun! Family bonding.
Hotel search (since we made no reservations). New year shopppppping. Late night out with ate Joy, Vanj, and Kuya Josh. Driving. Food. Sleep. Lots of talks.
Savoring 2007 :)

Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Dance Presentation for Christmas Cantata '07

It is done!

The Lord said we shall not fear because it is all done :)
These promises were where I clinged to while choreographing for our Christmas Canatata'07 dance presentation.

I have been up to a lot of important things this December that I missed to give much focus on choreographing a dance pageantry for the dance ministry.

I failed to choreog one, but thank God for His mercy that I was able to choreograph a spontaneous three-song dance number (Yehey!).

With the cooperation of the whole of JRC's Creative Dance Ministry, we were able to finish the dance presentation we will be having for our Cantata (this Sunday).
We had our first ever 7:30 AM practice yesterday, and no one was late. NO ONE! :D

We'll be dancing to the tune of the following songs:
  • Fear Not (Overture) - this is the opening number for our Christmas Canatata. We'll be doing a flag & banner dance.
  • In Your Presence (by Paul Wilbur) - an interpretative dance
  • O Jah (by, again, the great Paul Wilbur) - a pop combination of messianic & Jewish dance
  • Blow the Trumpet (by, again, my favorite Paul Wilbur) - a tambourine dance
I'm just so excited. We performed spontaneously last night, during the second last general rehearsal with the choir, and we did great! Some even were very touched and moved that they cried while watching us dance.
It was very fulfilling to hear tear-jerking comments and praises, but I give them all back to whom all glory and honor is due---Jesus!

Btw, I will only be dancing O Jah & Blow the Trumpet since it's easier on my part to focus on guiding & choreographing than on practicing on-stage.

Another btw, we already got our spanking new uniforms kanina! I won't post photos para surprise :D

Hay. I'm just excited.

Here are some photos of our practice yesterday (morning & evening):

(l-r) Carol mopping---Dance Min Seniors---In Your Presence


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

JRC @ 10


Sorry naman if I have neglected my blog site for like two weeks.
There are a lot of things to accomplish (not just do).

Last week, we’ve celebrated our church’s 10th Year Anniversary!
Grabe. God has been soooo faithful in our church, my family, and to His people.

Dad has been a pastor for more than 20 years already, but it was just in 1997, a year after we’ve transferred here in Nueva Ecija, that we’ve (they, actually – I was just a seven-year old innocent kid by then) established Jesus Revival Church.

I can still commit to my memory the instances of that same year.
I’ll just post another blog entry about that, anyway. That’d need a looooong post :)

Anyway, as already mentioned, we have been really busy for the preparations for our 10th year anniversary (Dec. 16). Subsequently, we are currently undergoing a stage of being torn apart by our incoming and current activities.

Everybody’s at K of C Clubhouse as of this very moment since St. John’s Academy is currently having its Christmas Presentations.

Another thing, we’re having our Christmas Cantata at JRC this Sunday, December 23. Of course, that requires everyone much time, expenditures, efforts, and the like.
I even failed to choreograph pageantry for that event because I have been really occupied these previous weeks (uh. *Sigh*). Instead, we’ll just be doing banner/ flag dance, tambourine dance, messianic dance, as well as interpretative dance.

Whoo. We’re all stressed out, but it is the joy f serving God that gives us strength.
The joy of the Lord is our strength!

Btw, 6 days until Christmas!
Merry Christmas, everyone!

P.S. Please don’t let the cutting of Globe Telecom’s unlimited texting service keep you from sharing your joy with people around. A smile is definitely worth more than a peso :)

God bless you.

Enjoy the Christmas season :)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

ENCM's Campus Jam

I go home at 4 on Thursdays. However, I’ve decided to stay at school ‘till past 4 PM today since I went to the library (naks) to borrow a book for my SocSci subject.

After pretending to love books, I’ve decided to take the shortcut to CAS (College of Arts & Sciences) – the canteen!

As I passed the canteen, I heard voices calling my name. I didn’t give my attention immediately, as usual. However, when their voices (yes, I was hearing two voices calling my name) got even louder, I had nothing better to do but to look back.

A girl in a light pink shirt asked me, Ikaw si J e z?”, “Po? Bakit po?”, I asked back. J e z r e e l?” she asked again while coming near me. I then recognized the face… “Tin-tin!” I exclaimed.

So it was Kristine, a friend from VCF-Cabanatuan. We actually got acquainted online. Long story. So there. We had hi’s and hello’s and talked about how glad we were to finally meet in person.

She informed me that VCF-Cab’s ENCM would be having a Campus Jam by 6 PM at the CAS LT. I got so thrilled that I even secretly skipped our class preparations for the poetry reading night. Haha.

Hindi lang ako familiar with some songs that they’ve played, pero I was filled :)

The message delivered by their youth pastor, Ptr. Ver, was great. Being a Christian for quite a long time, it may seem to be a usual message, but the Word, indeed, has its own power that’d touch every aspect of our lives – no mater how many times we’ve already heard or read a scripture.

I also was blessed on the manner of the message’s deliverance. It was brought to the students clearly and fully. It wasn’t just a talk. It was a message full of powerful convictions.

I’ve gained a lot of inputs from that night. I was blessed with you all, VCF young people.

Btw, I also got to see Nanan again. Furthermore, I met some youth from VCF (Cab) – JC (the photo guy), Top (the one wearing a headband), Cesar (the one who repeatedly shouted my name for Tin), Paolo (the guy in a yellow vest; one of the back-ups), Ate Mau (Hawak kamay.hehe), and other more whose names I couldn’t get to recall :p

It was fun knowing them even in just a short span of time.
I was really blessed. Keep the fire, VCF people!

**send me our photos, okay? :)