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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My 2010 List

Year 2010 in Review

  • [Jan 1] God gave me a clear message, command, and promise for this big year. My order was to enlarge my tent on 2010! (Isaiah 54)
  • [Jan 12] THAT day of my life
  • [Jan 27] My thesis turned out to be a pathway to campus ministry! This was our first open-door (at GSCA)!

  • [Feb 5] Leaders’ Retreat at Itogon, Benguet

  • [Feb 14] Realized that I am full of love -- with wonderful brothers and sisters in the Lord.
A portion of the text message I’ve sent them that night:
“Feb 14.. Who’s love-less? Well, wala akong boyfriend or any of that sort, but that’s definitely not me! ...... It gives God joy that we treat each other as brothers and sisters, and not as potential girlfriends and boyfriends....”
  • [Mar 21] being more and more open with my disciples (and them to me)
  • [Apr 27] Bangon Pilipinas “photographer” -- I became like the official photographer for Banon Pilipinas’ sortee in Nueva Ecija :-) F na F to be allowed on the stage with them the whole event!
Bangon Pilipinas meeting de avance at Cabanatuan City
  • [Apr] Preparations for the Camp --- first camp we’ve organized ourselves! :)

  • [May 2 to 6] Virac -- It was a joy to minister to our brethren there. I also enjoyed travelling with my friends (Vanj, Giovan, Jett + a few adults).
  • [May 6,7,8] Youth CampThe Lord moved mightily! Twas a regeneration, indeed. *tugs, tugs, tugs!*
third (last) day of the camp
  • [May 18] MacBook Pro
after I opened the package! Ordered it thru
Chris' copy
from Upper B to Patron! Simula ng love story namin ni Chris :-D Haha! JK

    J U N E
    • [Jun 4] What to Wear to War: Equipping Series for Current and Emerging Cell Leaders
    At first I was counting our mtngs, but I’ve lost count in the middle as it became really a part of every week! Powerful talaga ang mga ito! This gave birth to a chain of increase sa ministry.

    • [Jun 23] Ma’am Jez na ako :-)
    J U L Y
    June, July, August, pukpukan sa sa mga emerging leaders!!! Prayer, fasting, presence of God, opening cells...

    A U G U S T
    [Aug30] G12 Immersion at Davao

    S E P T E M B E R
    • [Sep 8] Generations: Keeping the Pipeline Strong (Preaching at Betis) - The people at Betis were shocked to hear me preach! Parang ang bata ko pa raw dati, ngayon preacher na (well, bata pa rin naman talaga ako). The Word I shared was very relevant to my testimony and as to how I related to that community :-) Powerful!
    • [Sept 11] Ground Zero -- our biggest harvest event for the year!!!
    Ground Zero

      O C T O B E R
      • Consolidation
      • Ignite (a one-day retreat) --- New life for the souls won!

        • Hong Kong week-long vacation with the family!!!

        N O V E M B E R
        • [Nov 8] 20th birthday -- Teen no more! But I am joyful that I have made the most of my teenage years all because of God’s grace in my life. My celebration was all spontaneous --- 5 AM surprise visit from my disciples, surprises from my students, dinner with the family, lots of sweet and thoughtful greetings :)
        • [Nov 10] New House -- “old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new!” (2 Cor 5:17)
        • [Nov 17] Throat and vocal box’s medication. Stopped talking for a couple of days. Had to deal with levels of loneliness and feelings of dumbness at times, but was also able to overcome. Up to this day I still am under medication though I can talk lightly and softly now (which is really difficult.haha).

        D E C E M B E R
        • [Dec 20] Youth Network’s Chistmas Party --- Every year, our Christmas parties act like the biggest time for assessment, and this year I just told the new and old youth cell leaders “for 2010, job well done!”
        • [Dec 23] New Lumix GF1
        • [Dec 23] Christmas Cantata -- glorious!

        I also thank God because this year I witnessed...
        - the spiritual growth of my disciples
        - my relationship with my disciples also grew stronger and closer
        - how He transformed me to me a discipler and leader to many
        - the Lord used my disciples in different ways -- opened cells, preached, taught in the cell, grew in their ministries...

        My favorite teachings from the Lord this year:
        No Fears
        Only by God/s Grace
        The Power of the Blood
        Holy Spirit
        It’s not about me

        Songs of the Year:
        1. Our God (is greater)
        2. Simulan mo na *tugs, tugs, tugs*
        3. You Deserve

        This 2010, God gave me a very strong personal revelation of His faithfulness like never before in my life. It’s sooo good to grow in the knowledge of who God is and to experience him. Thanks be to God for making 2010 fruitful and meaningful --- because of God's generosity for his revelations, wonderful friends and partners in the ministry, loving disciples, souls ready to be harvested, awesome mentors, and a presence-filled church :-)
        It has been my biggest and best year so far!