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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sunog Mindanao2 (Davao, Sept1-3)

Hello to you!
I know my blog has been outdated for more than a month now, but I have good reasons, anyway. My personal diary is even more outdated!
..but I’m trying to catch-up :-)

You know how colorful, activity-filled, and fun my life and my days are, and with that, I bet I won’t be able to give you even a digest of what has been up lately. Nevertheless, I’m more than willing to share with you these two trips that I’ve had (the second would be a separate blog post)

You what to do with the photos, k? Right click->open in a new tab or window, or directly click on them to view the original (large) size.

Davao, 09.01-03.08
I’ve been to Davao last September 1-3 along with Vanj and my parents. It was our first plane trip together! (my first plane trip was just with Vange). It was my first early morning plane trip so I was so much giddied up to see the sun rise! If only I had a better cam, I would’ve taken hundreds of photos from the plane’s pane. Sooo… guess what was playing on my iPod during the whole trip--- Indescribable!
Anyway, the trip was really anticipated for another G12 Conference called the Sunog Mindanao 2. The speakers were Pastors Rich Witmer, Johnny Touzet, Ptr.Ricardo Santiago -- one of Ptr.Cesar Castellanos (pioneer of the G12 Vision)'s first 12 , AND some Filipino pastors.
My expectation of a high-intensity air was overtaken. It was super! Ptr. Johnny Touzet’s first message about intimacy with the Lord was just what I needed. I didn’t hear him preach that way during the previous G12 Con.
Also, I heard Ptr.Carlo Panlilio (of Destiny Ministries) preach. I’ll never forget his utak-pulgas lesson :-D We also enjoyed hearing from Ptr. Oriel Ballano. He’s such a comic! The way he preached there was very different from his serious delivery of the same topic back in Baguio. What’s with you, people of Davao? :-P
Anyway, I also enjoyed the opening night where Joel Montes, Ptr. Herly Montes’ son (hence a PK. *ehem*), and their church’s worship team lead us. It was a different worship experience for me. I must say Joel has caught what the Lord really wanted him to do. He’s having the times of his life by being at the right place at the right time, doing what the Lord wants him to. I was really blessed! (obvious baaa)
Ptr. Rich preached about the same topic (If I Change…) thus aside from gaining new inputs regarding the same matter, things came to me afresh. Ptr. Frank also talked about why he believes on the G12 Vision. After his message, dad came to him and he (Ps.Frank) was like “Oh! Nandito ka rin, Pastor!”.
We never really got a chance to see the scenic spots of the city. All we had were early morning walks around the urban area and evening searches for good restaurants and shopping malls :-)

We shall come back!