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Monday, October 26, 2009


HAHAH! I know.. the blog title is equally lame and cheesy :-D
But this weekend has seriously been a WOW for me, so yeah..

[click photos to enlarge]

-Was able to submit another draft for my thesis!
-Was late for the first time in a long time for the youth service as I had to get over my headache -- natulog muna, but was awakened by mom & dad at around 7PM. I arrived just in time for the group review for Matthew 4,5 & 6. Got so giddied up kasi nnalo kami.. 1st :)

1. Cell
Cell group in the afternoon at my buddy’s place.

For the first hour (4PM to around 5 PM), we used our newly-ordained official cell banig (may ganon!) to have a sort of an outdoor picnic while sharing about random things. Habang nagsasalita ang isa, the rest were munching on junk foods, potato chips, toasted peanuts, & soft drinks. We wouldn’t forget how a cow almost rushed us forward, and how cows around (there were 3 or 4) mooed as if saying ‘amen’ to my girls’ words. That was so much fun! Gave us a countryside feel.

So anyway, we transferred to my buddy’s room and went on. I talked about shining our little lights :-) Very moving and passion-stirring discussions.. eager ears.. open spirits determined to win, win, win!
Had [super daming] pancit malabon + gulaman drinks after. Went home sabay-sabay – you wouldn’t believe it pero we all fitted in a tricycle! Haha.. talk about flexibility and siksikability :-D

2. Practice
After ng practice for the Sunday worship, we got to watch our 20-min worship presentation last May..

Mga comments nila/ namin: Hindi pa air-conditioned ang church, ang pangit daw ng mga suot namin (dahil nga mainit pa ang church), ang pangit daw ni Jett sabi niya (mga 300 times niyang tinawanan ang sarili niya), ang likot ni Giovan kumanta-- Action Man!, maraming-maraming pagtawa sa mga sarili namin :))

Our way home was also so much fun— I sat on Vanj’s lap, buddy on Jessa’s (her younger sis), while Jett sat on Jio and Gio’s laps. Kandungan daw ang magkakapatid e :-D
Takutan at tawanan mode!

SUNDAY(San Jose in the morning, Pampanga in the evening)
Wonderful time of worship + great message about having an uncommon faith!
I missed Vanj & mom though, as they were in Pampanga cause mom was invited to speak at our sister church there..

Nonetheless, dad and I drove to Pampanga after the service to join the family fellowship that was to take place in the evening. My ate (older sister) who’s living in Cavite with her family also came by. FUNNN!
I feel so blessed to belong to a Christian and God-serving family :-)

(my ate, Vanj, Lola Ma, & I)

This weekend was totally wow – how I wish I were able to make a better blog about it!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Here Am I

Here Am I


Isaiah 6:8
Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying,
"Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?"
And I said, "Here am I. Send me!

I'm on it, Lord. I'm sooo into it.

(Have you responded to His call, too?)