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Friday, November 30, 2007

November '07 Youth Net: "Reach One More for Jesus"

After four months, we again had a Youth Net! Whoo!

I have already blogged about some preparations, so I’m talking about the event itself now.

There were many flaws, and from which everybody got lessons of various kinds.

I was on the technical team for the net so I didn’t lead the p&w. I actually haven’t been in any of their practices since they only had two informal rehearsals. Unsystematic, yes. Nevertheless, we have all learned from this net (you’ll figure that out later). They only sms-ed me with the line-up (I’m assigned on the DLP).
The turning point: The actual p&w proper didn’t turn out very well. Even the band got confused at some parts. Bottom line is that they’ve learned not to play with their parts. It’s never a joke to lead people in worship. On my part, however, the lesson was that I should be more watchful next time. I relied totally on them that they can do things like when I lead. I’m not blaming Jett nor Ptr.Phil for the disorganized practices. We all contribute to the flaws. We really shouldn’t be on our own. We are a team.

Next, I arrived at the church before 3 PM. I was expecting those who have parts to be there already, but there were only three when I came. In addition to that jumble, Grace, my classmate whom I have invited, came at around 3:05. Our bad she came ahead of the other young people from the youth ministry. We started at 5. Yaiks.

The turning point: We should be responsible enough to be ahead of time. We should reflect God in all our deeds, and that applies even on our time. We mean real business here!

Few minutes after 3 PM came other new (invited) young people.
That was the most annoying part was that others became too technical. Some were more focused on listing the names of the new comers than making them (the new ones) feel very welcome and well-received. I could have divided myself into 20 just to be acquainted very sound with the invited young people. I was having negative thoughts over my co-youth ministry workers those times since some piled up at the back, leaving the new ones unattended. Our shirt says JRC Youth Ministry: Reaching People for Jesus.

With disappointment, I even told one of my friends, “Bakit sila ganyan? We’re not reaching for drums, paper, or plastic. We’re reaching people (with emphasis on the last sentence).”

I went inside the church office and prayed.
On my quiet time, I have reflected that I need not be annoyed; I should help them, instead.
I asked God to clear all negative thoughts the devil tried to lay on me. We are a team, a youth ministry. We all are accounted for one another.

Instead of criticizing their mistaken deeds, I started to view it as an opportunity for growth. We all are learning. Not all lessons can be taught by pastors, or leaders, but also by situations as such. (I just hope we won’t wait for such instances to learn.hehe)

No one is to blame.
We are a team, a youth ministry. We all are accounted for one another.

Everything got okay when we went inside the office to have a brief talk with Ptr.Phil, our youth pastor, and prayed.

Thank you, Lord.
Because of You, we all are learning.
Because of You, we all are growing.
Because of You, we learn to understand.

I love my ministry. I love my co-young people. I love my co-youth leaders. I love my church. I love my God, above all.

Lord, we all are under Your construction. Mold us in Your likeness more and more such that others may really see You in us.

Positive thoughts = Positive things, so everything turned out well after combating with pessimistic notions.

**photos coming soon over my multiply

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

So you want my pastries?

Our PE instructor was out today so we’ve all been in a yay realizing that our quiz was canceled. More time for review! I honestly wasn’t much ready for that quiz about basketball’s history, so I was in cloud9 that time. :D

After we’ve been dismissed by the lady who told the good news, I went straight to PCC’s university outlet, opposite to the gymn, to have the usual choco milk & pastillas. I only had hotdog for breakfast, so I was quite eager for food already. Haha.


Philippine Carabao Center (PCC)'s Pastillas De Leche, Blueberry yogurt, & Lacto Drink (Yah. Too much for someone as slender as me!)

(1) After 10 minutes (2) Giving up.hehe (3) A happy tummy is a happy me :D

I was alone. Again.

Being yet on my second year in college, I still haven’t opened up myself to my block mates that much. I don’t even know all their names! I keep my personal details from them and often am seen either with Joan & Zlyne or alone.

At school, I was never the über friendly type. My high school batch mates slash friends would always tell me, “You know, I thought suplada ka.” or “feeling ko before snob ka, e.” Idk. Maybe it really is my kind not to be the warm new gal around. I am friendly and super makulit, but I’m not usually the ice breaker.

In actuality, I’m not the silent and snob sort. My long-time friends could attest on that.
I don’t immediately allow others to jive on munching with my pastries, though I’m willing to share mine given the right timing.

Perhaps I am just reserved :)

I Kissed Dating Goodbye

No. I'm not dating. I'm talking about Josh Harris' book.
You probably have either read it already or heard about it.

The first person to brag me of buying that book was Gracie. She went to Manila for college, so she looked for another church there. According to her, JOHIA (her new-found church)'s
Youth Ministry has once involved reading of I Kissed dating Goodbye on its projects.
Since then, I got interested on reading that book. We do have courtship lessons at church back on our School of Leaders-1 (SOL1) days, but I have always thought that reading such a book would help me be a more determined No Boyfriend Since Birth (NBSB) member. Hahaha!

Relationships, I believe would and SHOULD come on the right time since our God is a God of perfect-timing :) Right now, I'm focused on my first love - Jesus.

Anyway, I just had a copy of that book last Monday (Nov26)!

I haven't even begun, but I'm kissing dating goodbye until the faultless time for it ;)

I quote from Josh Harris' site, "Most people have an opinion about "that book about not dating." Some love it; others despise it. I'd encourage you not to assume you know what it says without having read it. Many readers who start out critics of I Kissed Dating Goodbye are surprised to learn that the core message of the book isn't about "dating," but living your life for God."

Reaching More

After our church's focused 40 Days of Purpose Campaign, the Youth Ministry finally had the chance to hold yet another hyper Youth Net!

I'm so excited to have one again given the fact that our latest Net was back in July.

So anyway, I won't be leading the P&W this time (Don't worry, guys. I still have my singing career on. Haha. Jk.). Jett, a fellow youth leader, would be leading that part, while I'll be on multi-media stuffs for the event. Har. Load-distribution! :D
Two of my immediate assignments were to make the invitation notes and to post posters & announcements anywhere possible - uhm, no vandalism, okay? :p

With the super kind support of my best friend for the pictorial, I was able to come up with this invite:

As the theme has it, we're trying to continually reach more and more young people for Jesus.
Inasmuch as I can, I really am passionate to bring ALL my friends to Jesus. Yeah.. I would sound like a boring friend, but actually, this desire in me is what NOT makes me a lousy friend.

From the start, I've always known that I won't make a real friend if I wouldn't have the drive and boldness to share the life with my friends. I would be such a self-centered jerk if I wouldn't let my friends know Jesus the real way.

I'm inviting the owner of the eyes reading this post to attend JRC's Youth Net '07. AND, if by chance you're in a so-far away place but have friends over Nueva Ecija, don't hesitate to tell them to go on Friday.
I'm just an sms and email away! I m more than willing to assist you and your shy friends :)

I love my friends, so I'm posting this :)

High schoolers, College students, Young Professionals, Young Adults.. basta unmarried, okay! :D

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Guam cleaners on the news

My ever favorite tita (aunt), Tita Neng (my mom's elder sister) is on the news!

Well, they call her Trini in Guam where she's Okura Hotel's Asst. Mngr, but I'm still fond of calling her Tita Neng :)

Dozens pitch in to clean at D.L. Perez Elementary School

By Faith Realica For Northern Weekly

Parents, teachers, staff, and volunteers dedicated their time to make Daniel L. Perez Elementary School a cleaner place for the students.

The school held a Happy Labor Day Cleanup this past weekend, which was arranged through the efforts of the school's Parent Teacher Organization, staff and faculty.

"Our main goal for this cleanup is to serve the students. We saw a need, and as a school and community, we decided to address that need," says Principal Elizabeth Hanzsek. The school has several issues that require attention, such as the unruly grass, a huge hole on the rusted fence, and overflowing trash bins, Hanzsek says. Funding for maintenance has not been very reliable so it was about time to take initiative, she adds.

"Some areas of the school were beginning to look like a jungle. The overgrown bushes were higher than some of the classrooms. My students would come in and have sticky burrs all over their clothes," says kindergarten teacher Marina Pangelinan.

All around the campus, volunteers were visible mowing the grass, picking up trash, and sweeping.

Ramon and Trini Pobre, parents of three daughters who attend the school, called the event a family affair.

"Everyone enjoyed cleaning. To the adults, it was work done for our kids. For the kids, it was more like play. But they were a big help nonetheless," said Trini Pobre.

After much hard work, the day ended with conversation, potluck and the joy in knowing that the students were returning next week to a cleaner campus.

article and photo are both from Pacific Daily News

Vanj's 16th and on being a pastor's kid

My younger sib, Vanj, celebrated her 16th birthday last Monday.
She had a three-part celebration. First was a lunch at Isdaan last Sunday, after the church service. Second was a dinner party, while third was a treat she had for her classmates.

Differing to the decision I had on my 17th, she asked mom to have a party. Some of our church pastors & members came, in addition to the young people whom I have expected to outgrow the adults in number.hehe
I bought party hats for the party to make us look like kiddos. We also had parlor games which made us look like post-matured kiddos. Haha!

...along with the barbeque smoke.hehePhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketmy buddy/ best friend and I
my sister, Vanj, and her best friendsPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Anyway, the best part of the night, I could say, is divided into two: first, when friends and church elders gave their inspiring and affirming messages to both Vanj and I (the party seemed to be like my after-birthday party as well). We were also prayed for by all of them. Overwhelming.
Being a PK (Pastor’s Kid) is indeed a blessing - a privilege that’s highly extravagant. I really am blessed to have lots of witnesses around.
I am encouraged of Hebrews 12 which says, “Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crow of witnesses to the life of faith, let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily hinders our progress. And let us run with endurance the race that God has set before us. We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, on whom our faith depends from start to finish….”

I must really pursue the race.

As what I’ve said when they’ve asked me to give a short speech, being a PK may perhaps be a pressure for others because based on what Ate Anne said, “..natutuwa ako and na-bbless kasi alam ko and na-oobserve ko na hindi niyo lang pinoproktektahan ang sarili niyo. Iniisip niyo rin for every action sila Pastor (pertaining to my dad & mom)……”.
It may be a pressure since, for some, being a PK involves having all eyes on you, people watching your deeds, parents telling their children “tignan mo si Jez” or “dapat ganon ka din kay Jez”, people expecting you to be good all the time, people..people..blah..blah. There are just so many demands and high expectations, one might think. However, with all honestly, since I had a realthe relationship, I’ve acted more naturally. From the time when I have had the connection, I haven’t been dictated by my situation as a PK simply because I just enjoy being one. Although essentially, there also are stuffs which I should consider my being a pastor’s kid, I am not pre-determined of what I am believed to do because the things that I am supposed to do became what I wanted and loved to do.

It isn’t really a difficult account to be a PK. No pressure, but pleasure iff one has the linear rapport with the Lord :) relationship with Jesus, pressures have been only on school researches. hehe. I mean since I had

With all pride and honour I say, anak ako ng pastor!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Second Sem

Today was the beginning of my second semester as a college sophie.
I wasn’t really excited, but to have more time to prepare by stuffs, I've set my cellular phone’s alarm clock for 7am. My first class was scheduled 8:30, but I woke up at 8! I’m not sure if it was just my phone that didn’t alarm, or I just really missed to hear it create a level-3 noise.
Well anyway, I wasn’t the only one that was late for Fili115. I was with Jett, a co-youth church leader, when I entered the room. He was my classmate pala for that subject!
Anyway, forget about what I’ve narrated. That story isn’t really significant. Hehe.
I just want to blog it out that university life is here again, so I probably wouldn’t spend much time online --if and only if I would stick to my pledge to do school works in advance, without rush (I wouldn’t miss updating my blog, though).

Anyhow, on a perfectly random thought, I have noticed that most of my classmates have either shaved or plucked their eyebrows. Some even over-plucked their brows. Nay!. I also have observed that most first years thickly apply black eyeliner. Ang panget. They look so ________. Hahah! :-P

Okayyyy. I’m making no sense anymore.

So, let’s just see if I could make things up this sem in a very systematic way :D

Oh, btw, good news! I was able to make it as a college scholar. My GPA graced the requirement for one to be a CS. Although I wasn’t able to refund my TF ( I enrolled na kasi last week), the honor and pride that comes with it is more than enough. Hahaha. Second time ko na ‘to to be a college scho. Woooh! Thank you, Lord :)

Okay, happy sem to me!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Thank You!

I (and probably all of us) keep important text messages, letters, and the like. These are precious stuffs which make people discover their inner sentimentality. Being the ever-sentimental person I am, I have (weirdly) typed and/or copied all the birthday messages/ greetings I have received. Impossible? Not for someone like me ;)

You’re not required to read whatever I’ve typed here.
I just wanted to save significant messages.

To all those who’ve sent their greetings and wishes for my 17th birthday, I am thanking you with all my heart. You guys made me feel extra special on MY day :)
To those who have remembered my birthday but failed to send greetings… shame on you. LOL. Just kidding :D Thank you na rin. At least you have remembered, ’di ba? Finally, to those who neither sent their greetings nor remembered my birthday, wala kayong kwenta. Hahaha. Ang mean. :-P Hindeeee, joke lang. As Coreen has put it, “I’d rather have a few sincere messages, than a thousand empty greetings.”

November 8, 2007

My sister, Vanj

She was just watching TV late at night, when she immediately hugged me and gave me her gift when our clock throwed at 12am:) Love, love, love her!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I thought she had no more suprises, but at around 2am, when I entered my room, I saw this on my table. Being on the emo mode, I so, so cried. Thank you, Vanj!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Fiery (Via YM)
fiery: happy Birthday!!
Call: My Best friend (my buddy) 12:01am
-We didn't really get to talk since the line was choppy (and was cut immediately), but I was happy enough for the effort :)
Call: Micah Soriano (my partner) 12:07am
-I checked my write-up on my diary about my birthdya last year, and found out that partner also called me pala! She's soooo thoughtful.
Missed her voice! Partner, dapat kinantahan mo 'ko. Haha. Kidding.
Kiko Dysico
Happy bday halogen. Ü
-Another consistent guy. Thanks, kiko halogen!
Happy BIRTHDAY to you! You belong to the… Wait… Uh-ooh. Wrong one.
Micah Partner
Partner! Hapi birthday again!!! Ü I miss u so much!! Hay… dati araw2x tayo ngkkita and nagchchkahan… hay.. ngaun, dna! Hayyy. Hehe. Anyway, have a happy bday partner!! Ingat lagi! More bdays to come! Ü mwahmwah! Lavu! Ü
Mich (my labs)
Hapi bday.. c=
Jovel Timmalog
HapPy bday.
RD Bunao

Hi jez, good morning! Happy2 birthday sayo. Ilang taon nba ang bunso ng st.michael?
-He told me he just woke up and thought of my spanking new age! Haha. Thank God for you good memory, RD! :D
Dale Ramos
Jez, happy birthday,… ü
Call: Dale Ramos
-The call was like 30 minutes. Sooooo long. Landline? Hehe. Thanks anyway, dale!
Julius Bulanhagui
Happy birthday tol, cupcake, jez! May the good Lord bless and keep you ü
Roi Maramag
Good morning! Happy birthdat jez! Ü ingat palagi. Miss you. Mwah!
Joan Claveria
Happy 17th birthday Jez! May God shower u MORE blessings and may His grace continue to mold u as a wonderful follower of Christ! Ü
Lavie Ramos
Happy birthday jez! God bless you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you!
Wish you more birthdays to come. Enjoy you day jez..
Tess Soriano
Good morning! Happy birthday, may the good Lord bless you!
Alyssa Mariano
Good morning jezreeeeel! Happy3 birthday sayo. Basta wag kang magbabago. God bless you and your family. Have a good healt. Please tc always. Love lots
Rian Salvador
Happy b-day… jez, rian ‘to. Nakitext lang ako. Happy bday. GBU.
Mitch Aquino
Good morning jez.
I just wat to greet you a happy3 birthday. May the good Lord bless you ad your family. Keep I touch with God. More bdays to come.
Your friend mitch.
Donna Bulanhagui
Happy bday jez..
I wish you more bdays to come. Just continue to serve God. Happy2 bday. GOD BLESS U. Love you. Mwaah
Diane Castillo
JFSM! Happy birthday! ü
Cha Dela Rosa
Hapi, hapi, hapi
Hapi, hapi, hapi
Hapi, hapi, hapi
Hapi, hapi, hapi
Hapi, hapi, hapi
Hapi 17th birthday.. Much love! Mwah! Mwah! Miss you.
Karrie Ann Medina
Hi jez.. Happy happy birthday.. I miss you..
My ate, Hazel Joy
Hapi bday kapatid! Treat ka naman jan!
Robert Lintag
_happy b-dat to you! =D
Ptra.Cecille Duran
Hello! Happy birthday. May God continually bless and use you. Hindi mo lang alam gaano ako nbbless sa buhay mo. Drama, no. God bless!
Ms.Yael (mom’s secretary) 8:15am
Good am. Happy b-day po.
Mark Cruz 8:19am
Happy bday to you
Happy bday to you
Happy bday happy bay
Grace Guiao 8:23am
Good am.
Eyes have not seen, and ears have not heard the wonderful things God has prepared for you.
Enjoy serving God. Happy birthday Jez!
Ptra.Anne Coloma 8:47am
Happy 17th b-day kagandahan! Love you! May God bless you more and more beauty..ü, health, wisdom, and above all, may you grow in His likeness. Luv you! Luv you!
Brent Apao 9:13am
Happy birthday gummybear.
Nash Esteban 12:34pm
Happy birthday jez. J may you have your birthday genie today. :) God bless you always!
Belle Rodulfo 3:02pm
Happy birthday! Heheh. Dalaga ka na..
Allan Calica 3:27pm
Happy bday jez! ü
(over YM) Rita Santos-Paguio (11/8/2007 4:14:57 PM): HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEZ!!!
Rita Santos-Paguio (11/8/2007 4:15:02 PM): WE LOVE YOU!
(over YM) Gavino Apao: Happy Birthday Jez/ 12:03 pm (Yahoo! Messenger)
David Agoncillo 2:39pm
(a blog post on multiply)
Hi there jez.
I miss you.
ingat lagi ah.
hope to see you soon. (mwah)
- It was so sweet of david to even post a blog entry for me :)
Jan Constantino 5:06pm
Jez! Happy happy birthday. Wish you all the best jez. Take care. Stay nice and pretty! Love you jez.

ate Joan C. (over YM) 6:15pm
ur1ofabum: hi jez, birthday mo pala ngayon...happy birthday! take care
Czarina San Miguel 5:46pm
Happy Birthday po!
God bless!
Simon 6:28pm
Ui, jez, Hapi bday! Libre ha! God bless. Sat pretty and kind.

Amber Alonzo 7:59pm
Hi, jez! Happy happy birthday. I wish you everything you deserve. God bless you more :)
Javin Abella 8:04pm
Tawagan sana kita e. Text na nga lang. Happy birthday, busy girl. :)
Grace Aquino 9:19pm
Happy birthday jez.. I wish you more blessing pa, and para sa studies mo. Take care. Gpd bless you.
Julius Bulanhagui 11:58pm
Happy bday!
Hindi man ako ang una, ako naman siguro ang huli. Haha! Happy birthday ulit, cupcake! :)

Geetings over Friendster & Multiply

David Agoncillo
j e z r e e l.

wish you all the best for you,
im stil here for you (forever) when you need me and even if you don't.
take care always and i miss you so much. love you. :)
karrie ann
happy birthday jez.. ;)
Happy birthday
happy birthday
happy birthday
happy birthday
Happy birthday
happy birthday
happy birthday
happy birthday

hehe! :D yan dami ko na greet sau ate,..
miss u! mwah!
Happy Birthday! (graphics)
enzodantingcute wrote today at 12:23 PM
happy birthday...
Happy birthday! (graphics)
happy bday. GBU. :j
Coreen Frias
5:26 PM
I was supposed to ask others for your number, pero just to be sure, I'm greeting you here as well.
Love you, Jez. Stay sweet! I really wish we've known each other earlier! Haha. Take care.

Happy Birthday!!
God bless and Keep you.=)

J e z r e e l f a i t h,

Just a quick email to wish you a very happy birthday today from everyone here at

Belatedly Greetings

Micah/ Myks
mmmyks wrote today at 12:35 AM
Happy Birthday!
Carla Rosete
carlamay22 wrote today at 11:14 AM
belated happy bday!
Nan*y Miguel
zafinayaffa wrote today at 12:12 PM
Jezness, happy birthday! :-D
Ptr.Phil Sinlao
Nov9’07, 10:30am
Good am, jez. Belated Hapi b-day. May God bless you more and more.

raymond bermudez: belated happy bertday (5:27pm, over YM)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Check out this video. We were all laughing soooo hard watching them fight over singing for me. Hahahaha.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


I’m seventeen! I’m seventeen! I’m seventeen! I’m seventeen!
I’m seventeen! I’m seventeen! I’m seventeen! I’m seventeen!
I’m seventeen! I’m seventeen! I’m seventeen! I’m seventeen!
I’m seventeen! I’m seventeen! I’m seventeen!
I’m seventeen! I’m seventeen!

(Those were 17 I’m seventeen!s)

Jez at Seventeen

Soooo.. this is MY day! I so so so love the 8th of November.

A year of being sixteen has been quite swift. I still even have some of my friends’ sms birthday (or burfday, as Ben Soo has put it) greetings on my phone’s inbox, as well as the BIG birthday card my friends gave me on my 16th birthday. Moreover, I am thankful for a blissful and blessing-full year.

I don’t know what the best age to be is, but being sixteen (in my case) was the best I have been into… yet. I don’t know what lies ahead of me, but I’m certain that it is of the finest as the Lord promised in Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

I would not shift into something just because I am seventeen. Instead, I will pursue on living not only life, but the life.

Continue to pray for me, folks!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

♣ Christmas Tree ♣

I feel so lucky to have our classes scheduled to resume next week :D
Anyway, the enrollment for Psychology students in CLSU would be this afternoon. My block mates have been sending group messages about how they’re excited to see everybody since they've been missing Psych-2 a lot.
Though I don’t really miss them (frankly speaking), I’m quite thrilled to see them again.
Hah. I fulfilled my final words last semester, “next sem, mataba na ako!”.

Anyway, in case you guys don’t know, were on the 48th day of counting before Christmas! **sparkling sounds please** I’m really thrilled about it. Grabe. Time is just so swift.
So, Christmas being near also means my birthday! Hehe.
I’m turning 17 this week. Yay! I’ll miss being sixteen. I think it’s one stage that one is totally bubbly and experimental of himself. Though being seventeen wouldn’t stop me from being bouncy and all that, being seventeen means………._________. I don’t know. Maybe I could only fill out that blank after I finish another race that’d run for 365 and ½ days :)
Actually, ang arte nga e, pero I signed up na for Haha. I still love, though. Candy's site is nicer and contains more stuffs, but Seventeen's is, I think, just on the average.

However, I don’t want to feel akin to I should be like this or like that just because I’ll be seventeen already. I just want to pursue a natural being, not being dictated by age.

Anyway on a lighter note, mom has brought up our Christmas tree last night!
We still need to buy new decors for it, but right now, I can say it looks okay :)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
check out my reflection. hehe (love this shot)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Merry Christmas, dear :)

Monday, November 5, 2007

Celebration Sunday for the '40 Days of Purpose Campaign'

It’s kind of late, but I still want to blog about our Celebration Sunday (October 28, 2007).

If there are top busy people for the event, I can be counted in. Hah. I just can’t limit myself from doing lots of things which I know I can do, anyway (for the glory of God)!
Being the dance ministry’s leader, I was busy primarily choreographing & teaching whatever I have come up to, to the whole of the dance team. Though we only had a week to rehearse, I was satisfied enough with how the dancers got the requirements for the presentation quickly. Actually, amidst the spontaneous hours of standing, jumping, kneeling, countings, and doing steps over and over, I’m blessed that we have kept a jolly and glorious atmosphere –I mean no eyebrows raised, no stubborn dancers, no exaggerated reclaims (there were just petty ones), no negative outcomes. I know it was because in the middle of stress and insufficient time, there were sufficient prayers and servant hearts.

So anyway, the Celeb Sunday was announced to be starting at 4 PM, so there was no service in the morning. Savoring the chance of having more time for practice, the dancers and I agreed to meet at 10AM. Kaya lang, the pastors pala also scheduled a practice (for their song number You are My Hiding Place), while the kids were practicing a song & dance number since 9 AM. We had no other place to practice so that left us no choice but to wait :D Eventually, our waiting paid-off because we were able to join the prayer of the pastors for the Celeb Sunday.

So there. We practiced, practiced, practiced. Oh, btw, it was also only in that morning when I was able to join them onstage! For the previous days kasi, I have only been watching them (correcting how they portray various patterns and movements, checking their timing, (sometimes) shouting over mistakes) - doing what a choreographer is supposed to do. Another fact is that I have disregarded myself being involved in the first song (I Hear a Sound) such that we could save time (siyempre I would need extra time to practice onstage). I only joined them on the second part of the dance (Come Let Us Go Up).

Going home at around 1 PM, all concurred to come to church by 2:30 (while the whole of the worship ministry agreed to come at 3 PM).
A phrase that’d describe 1PM-4Pm would be Abalang abalang abala!

Anyway, the service was gggggggreat! The testimonies on how the 40 Days of Purpose Campaign changed the lives of both long-time and new Christians were extraordinary.


We also had the anointing of oil. Wow.

Annointing of the Oil

The presentations were delightful! Glory be to God.
The people who were reached during the 40-day campaign all came. Harvest!
Basta, every part of the service was more than great :)

Anyway, about our presentation, *drum rolls please* GRABE. SUPER.
My sister, Vanj, forgot to bring my video cam, but we were blessed enough that Dhez was ale to record like 1/3 of the dance (thank you, Dhez!).first part: I Hear a Sound (first part) I Hear a Sound

second part: Come Let Us Go Up(second part) Come Let Us Go Up

Unexplainable joy. I know the Lord was pleased as the people saw His glory through us.

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Tears were jerking in my eyes after.

I’ve received extravagant praises after, but I give the glory to whom the honour is due…. JESUS!


During the 40 Days of Purpose Campaign, everybody was into various activities correlated to the campaign, so even our family didn’t have much time to have out-of-town trips (even if it was already my semestral break).
So, the day after the Celebration Sunday, my whole family, including ate joy’s, had a trip to Labrador, Pangasinan (the trip was supposed to be going to Boracay). We checked-in at Covelandia Du Labrador.
Mom and dad have already checked the place few weeks back, so we were sure that the place was a-okay.
Stayed there for 3 days (October 29-31, 2007).

Had a blissful time getting wet (I can't swim so all I got was to be wet), eating..eating..eating, taking photos, spending quality time with my family, and all like :)
I have posted some photos already on my multiply site (you can only get to view it if you’re my contact), but here are some photos which I missed to upload there:

more photos on my multiply

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