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Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Nov 2006 Blogsf

N.E. with church buddies..

Monday, November 6th, 2006
Oh yeah! I am enrolled already!
AB-3 na ako.. Im a bit scared though since I do not know anybody there while they have been classmates for a sem already.. But well,I can do it right?

Anyway, after a stressing enrollment, Jett, Dhez, Jhen(buddy) and I have decided to go home na. Hmm..guess what, accdg to Dhez and buddy madaldal na raw si Jett. I was not with them during the enrollment kasi advanced na ako sa steps ng enrollment. So yun..

When we were about to home already, wala kming msakyang jeepney..all were almost full. But then, may dumaan na jeep –libreng sakay sa NE! haha. Yeah. We grabbed the iopprtunity. Our plan was actually to just drop-by NE then uwi narin.tipid in a way. But!!!
Nag-aya ako bigla magmeryenda..and yes, treat ko :)
It’s my bday on wednesday..hehe..Yun lang!

We spent more than an hour sa NE. Daming chikkas… pero hindi to the highest level ang daldal ni Jett..dont know why..cguro gnon tlga pag busog.hahah! Kiiding…. *peace Jett*
We also saw Kuya Jake who was working there.
After loads of topics to talk about, before 5pm, we have decided to gome home already. jett,Jhen and I were together parin since we all live in san jose town proper unlike dhez who resides in Roseville.
Yun! gotta go…may parctice pa kami ;)



a ha-ha-happy birthday bash!

Wednesday, November 8th, 2006
Nov.8,2006—my 16th birthday.
I slept at around 2AM bec there were people greeting me at about 12AM.
Yep. I was expecting more friends to greet me but hey, they seem to be having a good night sleep.Well, that’s okay, Michelle,Kiko D, Roi, Fiery, Paul, and Partner sent me an sms. Partner Micah even called me..aww.sweet.
Hours later, about 6AM (too early!), I found myself in the middle of a BIGsurprise!
What was it? My bestfriend(buddy), Reina, Jett, Julius, & Giovan were singing "Araw Mo" outside the door! OMG! I immediately woke up..and yes, i was soooo surprised! They are such sweet and surprising people!
They gave me a giant bday card and a bouquet of roses.
There were 5 roses:
5. giovan
And ofcourse, we needed something to eat!haha. I told mom not to have a party anymore since I just want a simple birthday. Im not to young for baloons, party hats, and marshmallow on sticks!haha. But omg, muy mom is a super mom! She managed to immediately have a spaghetti ready and lots of foods added (to think she realli isn’t a kitchen freak).
Where am i?
too bad, im the one taking pics.haha.
Here are my sweet friends..having the sweet spaghetti sauce.
–thanks mom!–

And then, after (and ofcourse, while) eating, we had so much chat! haha.
As if we weren’t together the night before. Yes, we were all together at the church the night before my birthday. I didn’t know they had a plan pala.
Anyway, after the chats and all, at around 8:20 AM, they already left.

It was around 7 PM when the wole family decided to finally have a dinner. NE?no! opening today so there were A LOT of people. As usual, my ever fave fast food resto..chowking!
Mom, dad, vanj, mj, nay paz, jenny rose, ate joy, bayaw josh, gwen, ate tess were there. Yeah. complete ever! It’s just a usual dinner. I do not want to have all emo and desire for something verrrryyy dramatic or what. It has always been fun!
Then, after eating and drinking 2 large nai cha’s, we strolled away!
Mom and dad were in the car and everybody else was at the back of bayaw’s pick-up. It was soooo cold!
Then, after a while, we went to ercury drug to buy whatever.
Then, we finally went home with our bodies chilling.
What shall we do? ofcourse! Take pictures. Tons of picture.

Indeed it was fun. Super fun.

I thank God for the happiness and the joy I’ve got.

Now, i am pretty&sweet 16, I hope I will continue to be a blessing to others still.

Happy birthday to me


Faith can move a mountain indeed!

Friday, November 24th, 2006
Last sunday afternoon, when I realized that we will actually be having our Youth service on Friday (today), I felt that I was not so ready..
I don’t know.. The fact that it was not announced and was just announced during a youth meeting (JRC youth were not complete during the meeting) somehow pulled me off to prepare myself for the Youth Service.
Yes, I suddenly realized that maybe I was just lacking faith. Absolutely I was lacking faith.

Then, when we had our practice for the praise&worship last thursday, oh!!! It was great..I thank God for His power..
Then just this evening, oh…the service was great!
I thank the Lord for guiding, helping, and showing us His mighty ways.
The outside should never affect the inside.
I bless and thank the Lord!
Oh, the lineUp… heart of Worship, Come Now is the time to worship, One Way (you’re the only one..You’re the only one..), You Are my world (after a long time!), then inulit namin yung Heart of Worship…

Thank God!

Ptr. Phil’s message from the Lord was great and moving :)

Good night! God bless us all!