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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Silver Lining

My previous blog post was full of rants and all that. Well, with this post's title, you probably have guessed that this is like the victory message over my previous frustrations-- yes, you're right. Although not everything's perfect yet, I'm aloft from all my worries.


I slept at 4:19 AM last Monday (Tuesday, actually) to finish the documentary I was making for my H100 class. I needed to finish and polish it since it would be presented that same day, Tuesday, by 0830.
I came to school LATE. Ugh. My fussy instructor went like "Ms. Jezreel. Our class is 8:30. Anong oras ka na dumating."... "kayong mga irregulars...blah..blah.." (No, I'm not an irregular student. I just added that subject so I'm considered one of the irregular students in her class).
Anyway, all her fussy rumblings faded out after the whole class viewed the documentary I made. I made. I made. Myself. Alone. (Question: what are group mates for? :p)
It was chosen to be an entry for the Silip Sining-Saliksik :)

My English110 professor required us to make a mini-thesis. My topic was about the Effects of Online Blogging. I was able to finish it the night before the deadline, which was Tuesday. Yeah. Sabay pa ang deadline ng Human and Eng.
While I was printing the document on Monday night, reaching the 8th page yet, an error occured: Black Ink Out. Replace with another Epson CX1500 T038 Cartridge. Oh yeah, right. Perfect timing!

I needed to skip my Philo class to print my English110 requirement.
The deadline was 2:30. I was at the Old Market by 2:20, having my work photocopied. I had the rushing Super Mario Bros. music on my head. It was like I needed to jump to the flag pole in seconds! Tenen-ten-tenen-ten-ten :p

Reaching the English Department, the princess was in another castle. Haha. My prof left and will be back by 5pm. We were allowed to just leave our requirements on His desk. Yay!


Next. Next.
Zlyne, Aileen, Joan, and I were supposed to rush for our DevPsych research work. Pero here's some great, great news - research deadline was extended to Coreen's 18th birthday--October 10! Weee! Relieved.

Next. Next. Next.
Our group in DevPsych was supposed to report last Wednesday. I had their slideshows since they sent to me theirs through email (wala lang.united kami.hehe).
So there. Last Wednesday, we were supposed to report at 0830 BUTTTTTT I woke up by 0838 through a call I received from Zlyne. Yay. Palpakkkkkk.

Well, I still went to school. I arrived at 9 something. Nakaka-hiya. Good thing Aileen had a copy of her slideshow! There.. We were able to report without (an obvious) mess. :D

Next. Next. Next. Next.
After our report (around 10), I had myself excused from class to attend Silip Sining-Saliksik.
CLSU's President, Dr. Sevilleja, and other department heads were there. Aww. Tensed.
Anyway, I cannot help but mutely shout upon watching two documentaries before ours-- **drum rolls please** we won the first place! Woohoo.
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After my Philosophy class, Joan and I proceeded to rm.208 for my defense. I wasn't really under tension since I was confident that I knew my paper well, but when my professor interrogated the my block mates preceding me, I had a certain feeling of bloodlessness. I got really nervous (Joan almost heard my heartbeat) Haha. :D
Well, during my turn, I spoke straight (and probably fast). I was glad with the result of my thesis defense. It seemed like Sir I. even got interested with blogging :)
It was also very nice kuya Allan and Joan to affirm me re the way I presented my mini-thesis.
Hay. At last!

My previous post was just a spice such that you, guys, would appreciate God's greatness in my life.
Although what I've blogged about was just ordinary for college students, it was an extra-ordinary experience to overcome such without any major falls.

"Show me Your ways, Oh Lord,
teach me Your paths,
guide me in Your truth and lead me.
For You are my Lord, and my hope comes from You all day long."

I have placed ALL my hopes unto the hands of the Lord so it wasn't really unusual to experience spontaneous victories!

Thank You, Lord. Apart from You, I am nothing and would be nothing.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Ugh. I'm happy but sad, but happy. But I'm sad. I'm okay.. not. Ugh. I can't explain my head at all.

First. My DevPsych paper is due on Wednesday and I currently have 3 respondents-- how about that? Idk. My group mates (**honestly** and I) have been very passive about our major requirement. Come on. We're college sophies already. Better have some sense of responsibility.

Second. My H*u*manities (is that effective enough to avoid being googled? hah.) instructor has been really, totally, abnormally hard to please. I thought adding up on her subject wouldn't grab much of my time, but hey.. with my 23 units, I've realized that her subject's eating 40% of my daily thoughts (and frustrations). In fairness with her, I could say she's a very knowledgeable teacher. She teaches well. She's kind, yes-- but then again for the second time around to be repeated (lol), she's hard to please. When will I ever talk to her without agony on her face? When will I not feel pressured and submerged of her?
Tsk. When she'll get the chance of reading this, patay na.

Third. I'm really late on reading PDL. Kasi naman yung first and second eh.

Fourth. I just opened Win Media Player and opened my usual play list. Guess what? 90% of the songs on my play list are not available--meaning they're either lost or deleted from my PC. I checked C:// then My Music and found that there were only 3 songs present. Haynako. I almost melted out. Fluky, up to this time, I still haven't figured out where my mp3's are :(

Fifth. Im not feeling healthy. I'm starting to pity my body. It needs serious zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's.

Sixth. Someone's selling a laptop to my mom, and since mom's not really techie, she took it home for me to check. While I was getting on with the specs, I tried to play my Mighty to Save DVD through it. It was okay, so I closed Power DVD, and then tried to connect on the Internet. While browsing, the laptop made some noise which was like a warning with regards to its battery. I ignored it.. and then, while continuously checking its features, it turned off automatically----with the DVD in it. Yehey. Walang charger na naka-lagay sa bag.
Oh well papel, I know -and would like to believe- that these are just petty things. Although I wouldn't want to be the happy-go-lucky type, I don't want to engage my thoughts much with such shallow things. I made this entry just to let all these out.
I forgot which movie I got this line, but it made a mark on me-- "This, too, shall pass."

Thursday, September 20, 2007

7th Ψ Congress

Last semester, my research paper on Psych100, about the NEPG students of CLSU, was chosen as an entry for the Psychology Congress. With all blessings of the Lord, my paper won the 2nd place.

Moving on, I received an sms from Ma’am Hazel, my Psych100 teacher last semester, last Tuesday, asking me if I could host for the 7th Psychology Student Research Congress – along with Roger, a block mate.
Commercial: ma’am Hazel actually is my fave teacher in college.

I, of course, approved the request with much glee.
I got really thrilled for the event. I love hosting! I’ve hosted several programs (at MCMC) back when I was in high school and enjoyed all the events. Well, this time, it will be different – no scripts prepared by teacher Demi (my fave HS teacher), plus, it’ll be in an auditorium! I told myself that I can -and I shall- do it.

The affirming thing is the fact that I was thought of even though I’m not part of the Psychological Society (Ψ Soc—an org). Thank you, Lord. Actually, I had the idea that I would be quite disputed from such responsibilities since I have decided not to join the organization (for the reason that I wanted to focus on my church ministries). “I would make your name great”, says the Lord. That won’t mean I’ll have to be popular and all that, but that means I won’t be the tail but rather the head. Boasting is out of here. I just feel blessed to be given such a task :)

This afternoon, Roger and I lead the program well. I had fun – really. Kahit na sobra ang friction sa open forum. Sila kasi e.. LABO. Anyway, the cool part is that I was told that I spoke on the normal speed. Ha-ha. Yeah. Tease me for typically talking really fast lah :-P The only conflict was that I was too demented to have forgotten my digi cam. Ugh.

**Congratulations, BSIT3-1! "Hinog sa Pilit" was a timely research work.
For those who did not win, never forget that being chosen to present your research works for the Psych Congress is already a great, great, great self-esteem trophy :)

Okay, that was all I wanted to share.

Mag-psych ka na :D

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Theses, PDL, Candy :)

Whoa. I just had a blog leave for the longest time! (well, second to my MY & SG leave)
For my YM contacts, you guys know how that red busy icon beside my name appeared all the time I was on-line for these previous weeks.
So, why have I been uber busy?
- I have 3 mini-theses. One is about the socio-emotional and cognitive effects of blogging; second is regarding the career strains of workers under the middle-adulthood period; third is in relation to cock fights (sabong).
- We have a new gospel campaign on our church, Jesus Revival Church.
We had lots of preparations for it. We had less than 3 weeks of groundwork for the 40 days of Purpose Campaign. It is based on the well-known Purpose Driven Life campaign by Ptr. Rick Warren of Saddleback Church. PDL has been around and was already adopted by thousands of churches worldwide few years back, but then it has been a revelation to our senior pastor to implement it at JRC now. I’ll tell more about it on my next posts :)
- Wala naman. Busy lang talaga ako ;p

On a totally random thought, I have a story to tell.
This afternoon at school, while I was about to go home, I heard somebody at my back shout “Miss! Miss!” Of course I did not give a glance (call me only by my name; I ignore anonymous labels— I’m just being safe). After two or three failed attempts of getting my attention, I finally heard somebody from my back shout “Jez! Jezreel!”. I then stopped walking and looked at the girl. She excitedly asked, “Di ba nasa Candy mag ka?”. Thinking of the collage I made that was published on Candy magazine’s Nov ish, I answered back “Uh. Yah. November ish?”, “September. Ang ganda nga e.” she replied. Confused and all, I just smiled and thanked her, and then continued walking.
On my way home, I sms-ed mom and asked her to buy be Candy magazine’s September issue.

Hmm… what was with the September issue?

Cotton Candy :p I was caught on Candy!

Whoo! Aside from the prize I would be getting, it's really cool to be on the magazine's 8th page.

I feel so ha-ha-happy! :D

Saturday, September 1, 2007

-BER Na!

Hooray! Last night, I was very thrilled to post another blog entry as I checked my planner and realized that it’d be the start of the –BER months today :D
Oh yeah. Babaw, but I really am excited about it; what can you do? :p
Days pass swiftly. One day, we may just be bumped with the idea that it already is December.. as in Christmas season na bigla. I do not want to miss this chance of blogging out the first entry for my Holidays101 :)

Cheers for September 1st :)
Let’s welcome the –Ber months.

Happy Holidays
Merry Christmas to you! I hope I was able to be the first to greet.

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