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Monday, April 28, 2008

Youth Camp '08 (i)

Came from the camp last Wednesday evening!

I’m sorry that I cannot really blog about the whole of the camp. We just experienced much that cannot be contained into words, and with all those on my mind, I can’t even think of how to start narrating about it. The Lord’s ways are truly marvelous.

Anyway, I praise God for all those who prayed, labored, and gave efforts for the camp. It wasn’t an easy task to organize such a camp, but with much passion and faith, the Lord has endowed us wisdom and strength.

There were /edit/ 96 + 2 /edit/ delegates (the two came on the second day), by the way.

Okay, the following will be very spontaneous blabs.

Sobrang thrilling papunta pa lang kami sa camp site. Actually, funny, pero the group of campers I was with were transported by a small truck. Nakakatawa talaga. My buddy and I were just sitting on her traveling bag kasi medyo masikip na. Tapos, at around 3:30, the rain poured hard---read that again, hard. Being on the corner front of the truck, we took the sacks that were stuck somewhere in the truck, and sheltered the other girls from the rain causing us to be wildly wet! Nevertheless, even if we were totally soaked in rain and even if we stood for the rest of the trip, we kept on shouting “isipin niyo nalang, masarap ang ulan!” and "ang hindi nabasa, pangeeeet!". :-D Happiness is a choice, you see.

We arrived at the camp site –God’s Awesome Place in Brgy.Binclog, Dagupan City, at 5:25 PM, while the other vehicles and campers came minutes after. The first day, or should I say night of camp was rather short since there has been a delay on our programme because we left late.
We were grouped already by the first night. I was assigned to lead the *coughs* violet team :-D

We had orientations, acquaintance stuffs, and a P&W session followed by a message through Ptr. Mar. He discussed the power of the Word and of our words. Had snacks and all that chit-chatting, then asked the campers to sleep at around 12:30. Well, being my usual self, I slept at around 4:20. Heehee. I can hardly sleep, eh. Tpos katabi ko pa ang buddy ko, kaya we just talked about a bunch of things. We talked about how we do not wish to start with the second day of camp yet ‘cause we know how speedy a day can pass. On the other hand, we wanted to begin with the second day instantaneously, as we believe that the Lord will do great things, and we’re excited to witness those. Sooo… if you’re wondering how we slept, ganito ang dialogue:
Jenny: buddy, anong oras na?
Jez: (checked my watch) 4 na!
Jenny: hala, tulog na tayo.
Jez: Okay, wag ka nang sumagot pag nagsalita pa ako J

...and there was silence.

I’ll just resume with my camp post next time :)

Btw, I dated this post on the first day of camp.

Ready for Camp!

I'm equally thrilled and hyped for it :)

I'm actually on the process of organizing my baggages and checking on my to-bring list, but I suddenly thought of sharing my joy with you all.

Anyway, this is just one short post to update y'all that we'll be heading to Dagupan City (Pangasinan) at 1:30 PM, although the leaders should be at the church already by 12:45. Random: kasabay pa pala namin ang Bangus Festival!

I know and strongly hold to my (our) faith that the Lord will do great things for the young people/ camp delegates as well as the pastors and camp staff.

Please continue to pray for our trip as well as the whole of the camp. :)

This is it.

The Time has Come.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Announcement: Youth Camp ’08

The final details about the youth summer camp were announced this morning, during the service. However, before details were further announced, and before the registration period formally started, the videos we made were first presented to the congregation. Yay!

Soooo…. in the same manner, before telling you the details, I shall make you watch one of our two promotional videos.

What can you say about it? ;)

Okay, details now.

JRC’s Youth Ministry invites you to join

Youth Camp ’08

Date: April 28, 29, and 30 of this year

Venue: God’s Awesome Place in Dagupan City

**photo/ poster grabbed from JRC Youth's Friendster page

* Registration forms can be taken from JRC’s main office (Abar 1st cor. Adela St.). The registration will run from April 13 to April 25.

To cover the venue, transportation, full meals, and other camp resources, there will be a registration fee of only P 300 for each participant. P300 is really cheap for a great experience, you know :)

For further questions, contact me, Ptr. Phillip or Ptra. Cecille. (Numbers are flashed on Sundays.)

Sama Ka Na!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

One Team, One Summer, One Camp

Vanj and I went to the church at 7:30 to meet with the other youth and church elders for our final shooting. Naks! May career, ‘di ba? :-P

We left at 8 AM headed to a river near Tayabo. Had fun during the trip, as expected. Umagang-umaga, ang taas ng energy ng mga taong ‘to, lalo na si Julius. Haha. He has been our noise and hype (as well as joy naman).

Anyhow, we arrived there at around 8:30. We rented a cottage on the riverside. We also had breakfast (although I just ate potato chips. hehe), followed by worship, before the actual shoot to load our tummies and spirits!

The first we shoot was the group dance. The sun’s heat was quite scorching already by the time we stepped into the river (with bare feet!), but we still managed to do good since we were all enjoying what we were doing. Moreover, we all are dedicated to urge young people to join the camp.

Imagine us dancing, clapping, shouting, and laughing on the river! Haha. People were actually watching (as if totoong shooting, e no), but there hardly came to us shame and stuff. Funny and amazing, but when we look at it now, there wasn’t a single timidity that came to anyone of us. Well, aside from the distance of the people watching, perhaps it was the overwhelming excitement and joy in us on what we were doing.

Anyhow, if you’ll see the outcome (you’ll see it firsthand either here on my blog at the church), you’ll observe the different angles and the like. Well, that’d be because there were three cameramen (2 men and a woman, actually) – Jett (he was thankful he didn’t get to dance.ahaha), P.Phillip, and Ptra.Cecille (who was taught by Ian.hehe).

What happened after the dance recordings was, I think, the most hilarious part of the day – the time when we were sticking cutout letterings to the boys gentlemen. We were all on the top of our lungs, laughing and giggling.

At long last, we left the river and hiked back to the parking (one needs to walk a steep path to go to the river) to shoot the second promotional video starring Jett, Julius & Giovan’s hands, and the trees. Hehe.

Left Tayabo at 12:48. Haha, yeah, I still can remember the exact time because I checked my phone to see the time as we started driving off.

We all went straight to Jio (Jett’s brother)’s place to celebrate with him his birthday. It was my first time to visit their red-painted house. Left before 2 PM. Vanja nd I were dropped at Octagon since we wanted to buy some blank CDs.

Anyway, we didn’t disseminate the task of editing, so it was I and [half effort of] Vanj (‘cause she slept while Movie Maker drooped) that edited the videos. The vid editing was completed at 2:28 AM of Sunday (April 13). Sobrang joy ko, hindi na ako naka-tulog kaya inuit-ulit kong i-play. Haha. Well, eventually, naka-tulog din ako past 4 AM. Don’t worry, hindi ako na-late for the 8AM Sunday Service ;)

The shoots were tiring, but I know no efforts are in vain, for we are working not for men but for the Lord. Yes, we work to reach [young] people, but it’s still for the Lord.

I believe so much that the Lord will really move and do marvelous things in the camp that I do not want anybody – doesn’t matter whether inactive or active at the church, to be able to join the camp. I do not want anyone to miss it.

Sama ka na!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Youth Update/ Youth Camp '08 Preps

Wednesday (April 9)

We had a meeting with Ptr. Phil and Ptra.Cecille (our youth pastors) about the youth service as well as the youth camp.

We’re expecting greatttt things to come.

Things about camp were finalized (not everything, though).

Official Announcement will come out sooooon.


Thursday (April 10)

(Click on the photo on the right for a larger view)

Vanj and I went at Jenny D. (my buddy)’s place for our promotional video/ adve

rtisement shooting. Julius, Ptra.C, Giovan, Joseph, and Kim were there, too.

We were laughing all the time. Gah. These people are just born comics! Haha. Anyway, we finished taping at around 1 PM. After our lunch, Ptra.C together with Vanj and Joseph went to Pandayan Bookstore to buy spec

ial papers for the invites.

While waiting for them, we planned to take a nap but ended up taking lots of photos – both silly and cute. :-D

Anyway, at around 4 PM, all of us decided to join the team assigned to distribute the invites (and bookmarks) for our youth service. Went home before 7 PM.

It was last year since I sp

ent such a long time with them. Although it isn’t always necessary to be with each other for a whole day to enjoy friendship and fellowshipping, I think it’s a good thing to do such once in a while.

Aaaah. Being with these people is so much fun because, of course, anyone really enjoys spending time with his friends. Moreover, b

eing with these people– my sisters and brothers in faith as well as my best friends, is joyous (rather than fun) because the delight we have comes from the inside out –the inner joy that comes from serving the Lord is expressed and accentuated.

Nonetheless, watch out for Youth Camp ’08!

Friday (April 11) – Youth Service!

I, together with Vanj, went at the church at around 3:30 to prepare (Nay! 30mins late).
**Plug: JRC's Youth Service is every Friday, 5:30 PM. Everyone's invited!

Topic: Prayer

cripture: James 5:16

Had prayer groups afterwards. Praise God!
Here’s my prayer group

Anyway, after the service, when everyone left already, we managed to practice some dance steps and formations for our Youth Camp’s promotional video.

Now that’s something to take heed for :-)

More photos here.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Ptr. Phillip's Birthday

Hello, everyone!
I’m excited to announce that the youth summer camp will be by the end of this month!Further details will be announced on this week’s main Sunday Service.

Okay, to the blog.

Pastor Phil’s Birthday

Yeah! Our youth pastor’s now thirty---something (I’ll leave that for you to guess) :-P

His birthday is actually on the 8th of April, but since our transistors picked up the signal that he’ll be going to Manila on his birthday, we thought of surprising him the night before his birthday, before he leaves. And so, after the practice for the youth service’s p&w, I went to Manson to buy a gallon of ice cream with my buddy, Vanj, and Ptra. Cecille. Went back to the church to pick-up the other youth, then went straight to Ptr.Phil’s place.

While we were hiding, Ptra.Cecille talked to Ptr.Phillip about a “problem”. Ahaha. But even before Ptra.Ces let go of a laugh, we all went out and loudly (and probably scandalously) sang the birthday song :-)
Sure, Ptr.Phil was greatly stunned! Ahaha. Oh well, we like it that way, anyway.

Before we had snacks, Ptr.Phil let us to watch United We Stand’s documentary. We all have watched it before, but still it was fun watching a United DVD with them.

Talked about various things. Nyum nyum nyum. Laughed hard. Took many silly pictures. Prayed for the celebrant. Went home at before 10 PM.

Here are some photos (I can’t post all since Ptr. Phillip told me NOT to post them on public. haha)

Some Reasons why I love Pastor Phillip

  • God makes use of him by helping us, the young people, grow in all aspects (esp on the spiritual part)
  • The Lord uses Him to promote the youth ministry.
  • He makes me smile when I’m sad (oohhh.. is that a line from a song?). No, seriously, he has a (proven) technique, which I’m not telling you, to make me laugh.
  • He encourages me all the time.
  • His smile is worth a thousand words.
  • When he smiles and laughs, his eyes disappear -D
  • He’s such a humble fellow
  • He’s so cute and bubbly and adorable and bouncy! (Yeah, bear conjunctions)
  • We both love foodsssss!
  • He lent me a bunch of CDs and DVDs! :D

There are a lot more, but let's keep it at that.

Happy birthday, Pastor Phillip!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

SJA - High School's Class of 2008

Note: Click on the thumbnails/ photos or right click and select 'open in new window' to see the pictures in larger views.

St. John’s Academy had its first secondary commencement exercises last April 1 (Tues). I was so into it because aside from the fact that I did a lot of work for the event, my sister, Vanj (yeah, I'm linking her name now 'cause she already has a blog!), was one of the (first secondary) graduates.

On being a daughter, I must say that this event made me even more proud of my parents. Before this graduation, we had several batches of students for recognition. Indeed, both of them have been instruments of educating and nurturing the minds as well as the pagkatao of some of our city’s youth. I’m proud that in 10 years time, they have all these things established already, of course with the provision and wisdom coming from our Big Boss – the Lord.

Moreover, on being a sister to Vanj as well as to the graduates…
More than any other batch SJA had yet, this batch’s the dearest to me since most of the graduates have been known to me since their first grade. Also, some who stepped into SJA’s grounds for just their secondary course have been so dear to me as I am most into SJA-HS now that I’m in college. Although I cannot overlap nor level into my mom’s attachment to them as principal (as well as counselor), I can say I have somehow stuck myself in them.

After their final song and prayer, they started to cry and give each other big and tight hugs. Okay, I have to admit the boys gentlemen have a little problem on showing their emotions, but I still felt their sorrows upon parting with their classmates. The girls ladies became very much emotional at the end of the programme, but I totally understand what they were feeling ‘cause I had the same tears inside out during my HS graduation.

SJA’s Class of 2008, nevertheless, as most of the graduation speeches include, this is only the beginning of your journey in life. I’m so proud to have been a witness to your growth and success. Your names have all been told in our home when my mom praises you for your deeds, or otherwise. :-P In an unobvious manner, you have made a mark in my life. I can’t find the accurate words, but I will simply miss you all.

Thank you for choosing St. John’s as stepping stone for reaching higher goals. Congratulations for having passed the basic stages of your life. As you are approaching for more complex phases, I pray that you would always apply and remember whatever your Alma matter has taught and planted in you.

I believe in you, Johanians!

Love and prayers,
Ate J e z

Shoutout: Congratulations, my ever-dearest sister, Vanj, for having worn a lot of big gold stuffs on your neck during the graduation! Whoo. 2nd honorable mention. I'm soooo proud of you ;)

some SJA-HS teachers with dad, Vanj, mom, and I