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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My 18th Birthday 11.08.08

I’m about to blog on an event that happened almost two months ago… how awful cool is that? :-P

So, there. After five or six weeks of groundwork, I finally woke up one day with everyone saying either happy birthday or dalaga na siya!. Yesss… November 8 na (but I consider myself to be yet a ’dalagita’, hindi pa dalaga. haha)

Everyone at home, including my relatives who came from different places, started dressing up at around 4 PM--- except mom and I. While she was busy with last-minute preparations, I had to shoot for my pre-debut AVP. Showbiz!

Some photos..

The four of us left home at around 6:40 PM

I was told that there were heavy raindrops before we arrived, but all glory be to God for not allowing the bad weather to push through (if it did, the event must’ve been a huge disaster!).

So at around 7, with the garden all-dried up and with everyone at hand already, the program launched with the entourage of those that are included in my list of 18 Symbolic Gifts, 18 Wishes, 18 Candles, and 18 Roses. They then formed a queue along with the path I would be taking.

MJ, my little bro, escorted me from the vehicle to the hall, in company with mom and dad.
It was such a humbling experience to be the core of a minute! Everyone was clapping and cheering as I walked down the alley of the garden and the aisle of the hall. After which, we sang the classic hymn Great is Thy Faithfulness. Wow, thank You, Lord, for eighteen wonderful years.. You are more than faithful to me!

After my parents gave their welcome remarks, my 18 Wishes spoke their hopes and prayers out. Afterwhich, some of my high school buddies from MCMC sang along with partner Micah as she sang Mata and Umbrella.

Grand Cotillion Dance. My surprise dance partner was daaaaad! :-D
Hence, it was also the Debutante-and-Father Dance.

Tito Bishop Ed gave the inspirational message. My request daw was irresistible, kaya he had no choice but to travel for four long hours to speak on my debut party. Hehe.
Weeks before the event: (a telephone conversation)
Jez: Hello Tito Ed! 18 na po ako. Mag-ddebut na po ako :)
Bsp: Ah, oo nga. Happy birthday, happy birthday!
Jez: Gusto ko po sana kayo ang mag-speak sa debut ko…

-----at ‘yun na nga----

Dinner after.

18 Candles’ Presentation --My deepest secrets were veiled off! Salamat ha, sana hindi ko nalang kayo sinama sa program. haha. JK. It was the funniest part of the event, sobra. Aliw.

18 Roses’ Presentation (Dance) --My hairstyle and make-up were tattered. Haha. Thank you, guys, for not stepping on my gown :-D

18 Symbolic Gifts’ Presentation. Each gift was unique and was obviously filled with deep thoughts and significance. The list were of couples who are being used by the Lord to fulfill His ideals in my life. Anyway, since isa lang ang ninang ko when I was dedicated to the Lord, sila na ang mga bago kong ninang at ninong :-D
And oh, I just had to blog about this-- Ptr.Phillip sent his message through a recorded video snippet all the way from the KSA! Vanj played it on Ate Cecille ( Ptr.Phil’s wife)’s cue.

Singing of the Traditional Birthday Song.

A Word from the Debutante.
I remember that my first line was like, “Salamat naman po at pinagsalita niyo ako. Kanina pa iba-iba yung nagsasalita, e birthday ko naman ‘to. haha”. Moreover, I also remember saying stuff like, “Ganito po ako ngayon, ginagawa ko ang mga bagay na ito, not because I am a pastor’s kid, or dahil I am not normal.. I do all these because I truly have encountered the Lord, at dahil I have really fallen in-love with Him…”.
My speech was pretty long (I guess) as I've wanted to make the most of such opportunity to thank every significant person in my life, and to give glory to the Lord, above all. I may not have mentioned the names of all the persons that have contributed or have continually been contributing greatness and advancement in my life, but you know who you are --- I praise God for you! I can never boast on my own. Ako po ay bunga ng napakaraming tao na dumaan at dumaraan sa buhay ko. My life is an outgrowth of my Creator, my kin, and my JRC family.

Cheers for the 18 years of His goodness in me :-)

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Debut preparations

I know! This is loooong overdue, but I still wish to blog about it.

I was clueless about it ‘til Vanj told me of their “secret” plans a few weeks before the special day. I was informed that mom, along with Ate Joy and her, had to plan for something because I totally seemed to have totally no idea on how to totally celebrate my totally 18th birthday, totally! :-P
It was, I believe, just right that they confessed of such plans seeing that going through A LOT (note that I just typed that in bold and in all caps!) of preparations became more efficient with me, the celebrant, around. Mom was, of course, the busiest bee of all, so I shall give her the highest credits for the event’s groundwork.

Some preparationssssss…
got a coordinator (though I can say that mom was still the “chief” coordinator and overall planner)
talked to Dr. & Mrs. Sanchez for the venue, The Travieza Garden; checked on the place

got souvenirs from a nearby shop; made the souvenir tags
made-up a list for my 18 candles, roses, treasures, and symbolic gifts (This is one of the hardest parts since I wanted every significant person to be included)
got a Cotillion dance instructor; had a series of practices (waltz! waltz!)

made the superb invites with Vanj, Nay Paz, Che, Dang, and JenRose (hmm.. a new business is brewing!)
got someone to distribute the invites, although I did some of the circulations

Foods (and basically everything related to it)
contacted Dacanay Studio to cover for the event
gown by Imelda Lansang (Pampanga)
shopped for jewelry, shoes, and other needed accessories (they shopped more than I did!)

hair & make-up (c/o Tam Geronimo)
sound system

And dami pa, actually, pero tinatamad na rin akong mag-isip :-P

K. Follow-up blog will be up in hours (or, days).