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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dad's 52nd Birthday

Being a PK (Pastor’s Kid), I have always been excited about how my dad, as a senior pastor, celebrates his birthdays. Not that I’m glad to see him get more white hair strands, but that it gives me such joy to witness people around him boldly express their love, gratefulness, and delight upon having dad as their pastor.

As surprises never fail JRC – San Jose City, I believe Ptr. Roland even had possible disclosures (for him) on his thoughts.

Our church service last January 13, 2008 marked Ptr. Roland’s 52nd birthday, as well. As planned, the service started as soon as Ptr. Roland stepped out of his car at the parking area, hearing the congregational chorus of the Happy Birthday song.

Happiness and blessedness were on the face of every person present in the church building. Indeed, it was a day to celebrate God’s goodness and faithfulness to our spiritual tatay – our senior pastor, Ptr. Roland.

The festive singing trailed to the Praise and Worship part where, for the first time, JRC (NE) pastors and leaders were on the stage as the choir. The pastors and leaders stayed on the stage even until after the praise and worship as some of them gave their birthday greetings. After which, they presented a special song number – Ptr. Roland’s favorite, May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You. Subsequent to their song, two men came on on the stage handling a big blue-wrapped box. One of the pastors asked Ptr. Roland to come on stage to open their present. To the surprise of everyone, the big box contained only a small piece of paper where these words were written: “Happy birthday po, Pastor. Your gift is inside the pulpit.”. Pastor rushed to the Pulpit (that happened to be on the side of the stage to give way to the presentations) and opened one of its drawers. By then, he had much glee seeing a spanking lapel microphone! That very special gift, according to Ptr. Roland, is not just a sign of love, but also of the maturity in faith of those who contributed for it.

Another astonishing occurrence was the special number, which was infrequently done, presented by the M a n u g u e s – Ptra. Nette, Hazel Joy, J e z r e e l, Evangel, and Jose Manuel “MJ”. Jez and MJ did an interpretative dance number with the song Warrior is a Child, while the rest had solo song presentations.

The service was full of gratefulness for nonetheless another year for our senior pastor.

Anyhow, there also has been a party that night that was held at St. John’s Academy- High School Department. Everyone was invited and so the crowd was very thick and joyous.

The party started by singing praises to the Lord. After which, people were given the chance to greet Ptr. Roland in public.

The night, as pastor has put it, was not merely his party and celebration, but also a thanksgiving and fellowship for all JRC people.

Happy birthday, Daddy Pastor!

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dad's 52nd (some preps)

Dad was on his 52nd year on planet earth last January 13, Sunday.

Some kwentos before that day..

Mom, Vanj, MJ, and I had to visit ate Joy's place pa to secretly practice! Hah.

So anyway, we were all out the Saturday before his birthday, so fraction of the preparations (which he somehow had ideas on) was through cell phone calls and sms with those who are at San Jose City.

I was specifically coordinating with Rian, Jett, and Nanay Paz about the video greetings, which I asked them to record. I also was synchronizing with Jett, being the worship leader the following Sunday, about his line-up.

Anyhow, while everyone was busy cooking, practicing, and having crams, my family and I were heading to Freeway Motors (Mitsubishi Cars), Cabanatuan City. After checking on our prospect vehicle (we’ll soon say bye-bye to our 5-year old gold Adventure), we went straight to the mall.

Bought blouses, pants for Dad (which kuya Joshua had to fit), visited Let’s Face It, dinner, then we left.

Arriving home, I was expecting for another sleepless night.
And yeah, I was right. Movie Maker is such a geek (please recommend a better movie editor). It kept on not responding and prompting me to send error reports. Oh well papel, I was able to finish the greetings vid naman the next day.

Okay. All that was out of your concern, aren’t they? :-P
Sorry, just blahs.

**blog about dad’s birthday celeb is coming up**

Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Family is in His Hands

Thank you for the overwhelming text messages, calls, house visits, and most importantly, for your prayers.

The devil is really not happy with our family since day one. I know he's deeply mad and is very watchful of our actions such that he could intervene.
A pastor's family is the devil's primary target, but thank you for even making our shields from the Lord stronger and firmer.

I thank God for my Christian family. I love you, JRC. I love you, JRC people. I love you all, JRC Pastors.
Thank you for loving and covering our family with prayers and intercession.

Things are in God's control. Let's fear not.
God bless and cover us more.

With all gratefulness,
J e z

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