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Sunday, May 31, 2009

2009 G12 Int'l Conference (Singapore)

I'm blogging about the G12 Int’l Conference. However, since I do not want to pour out much time just to blog about it (the same way that I do not wish to get much of your time reading), I’d just post short notes and photos re highlights of each day we’ve spent in SG.
Mahaba ba? Compressed na 'to, pramisss.


Day one is a libot day!
Sentosa (where we tried out the fun SkyRide!), Esplanade, Merlion park (which sadly was under construction), a few shopping malls, and Raffles’ street.

Raffles Place mall, bargain shopping at Little India, opening of the conference in the evening.
Ptr. Lawrence Khong, G12 coordinator for Asia, commenced the conference with a message about the challenges of applying the Vision.
“Is it difficult? Yes. Is it possible? Absolutely.” - Ps. LKhong


Ps. Cesar Castellanos (also called CCD) also introduced her daughters that were with him and his wife - Lorena, Sara, and Manuela. They taught the delegates the song Revolution, which I apparently have memorized during last December’s G12 nat’l conference in Manila.
He also talked about the DNA of Christ that now runs in us because the sin and curses we’ve inherited from the first Adam have already been canceled by the last Adam who suffered on the Cross - Jesus Christ. We just now have to join Jesus on the cross so we could celebrate the redemption brought by the Cross.

FCBC (the host church)’s worship team sang Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus. Awesome!
Ps. Khong had a practical teaching about the paradigm shift to the G12 cell church. CCD preached about the unfailing blood of Jesus, which he also got to preach last December in Manila.

During the lunch break, while everyone was busy leaving the hall, I whispered something to my mom in a trying-to-be-moderate tone… “mom, ‘yan ang Deliriousss!” Pero composed pa rin naman ako. :D They were setting up their instruments and stuff on the stage.
Anyway, my mom’s so cool to have responded “sige, picture-an kita sa kanila”. Whoa. Well then, we got up the stage as if no guards were there when Jon Thatcher, Delirious?’ bass guitarist, said something like, “it’s okay. I will just come to you.” So there. Dad took a few pictures of mom and I with JonT! Yay!
I got to talk to him for a while. While talking to him, I thought of how favored I am for having opportunity to meet him.. I mean, they’re set to have a concert in Manila the following week, but I’m sure not everyone from the Philippines will have the chance to hang out with the band like I did with Jon! Whoaaaa. Wala lang. haha.


Anyway, I also got to hang out with my PK (pastors' kids) friends from the PK Republic. Had lunch with them. It was really fun to have had spent time with them. Sosyal daw ang mga PKs-- sa Singapore pa nagmeeting! Haha.

In the afternoon, Sara C, the youngest preacher I’ve listened to, preached about life in the spirit. She talked of how the spirit gives us a means to live out our life’s purpose, how it gives us strength and a chance to learn to rest in God amidst all the random things that go around us. The session was extra special because it was Sara’s 17th birthday :)

Delirious? lead the worship before we had our first session in the evening. Along with them, we sang Rain Down, So Great, and more.

CCD introduced his wife, Ps.Claudia. She shared a message entitled ‘Follow your star, and you’ll shine’. It was all about getting to know our call, our purpose, and being able to match it with commitment.


Day 4

Lorena and her sisters, Manuela and Sara, lead us in singing [and dancing to] Filled with Joy and Revolution.

The day was extra special because Ps.Cesar honored FCBC’s senior pastors, Pastors Lawrence and Nina Khong. He prayed for them and their 144s (288), and even asked Ps.Nina to commit into sharing a word to their church every Sunday. Ps.Cesar even challenged Ps.Nina to enter politics! Now that’s something to watch out for ;)

Pastor CCD shared about three weapons to help us overcome: The Blood, declaration/ word of our testimony, and a life of brokenness.

In the evening, Delirious? had a one-hour worship concert! Yay! I was in the [super] front! Awesome. :D We took pictures with the Castellanos ladies after the concert.


Day 5

We attended FCBC’s Sunday Celebration in the morning. The hall was fully-packed! The church staff was professionally accommodating :) I couldn’t count how many ushers greeted me with “Hello, good morning! Welcome to TFBC. God bless you!”
Ps.CCD preached on that service. he talked about living in God’s purpose.

It was a wonderful experience to have had attended one of their Sunday celebrations.

Had our last shopping at Robinson’s mall… tapos, uwian naaaa….

Yay! Thank you, Lord, for having brought me to that conference!