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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Since I didn't get much time to blog about my latest whatsoevers, here's a piece of last & this week's happenings:

Mom and dad bought another cam! Yehey! I'm so glad. Love it! Love it!

Sony DSC-W55

Pero siyempre, I still love our Sony Mavica F7 as well as our Brica DV80

Everybody was busy last week on preparing for the Celebration Sunday for 40 Days of Purpose Campaign held successfully last Oct.28.

My busyness was primarily due to the exhausting and nerve-wrecking dance presentation preparations we had. As the Dance Ministry’s leader and choreographer, I had to spend hours of conceptualizing and choreographing aside from the actual practices we had as a group. Sure that was strenuous, but doing such things for God pays all the hard works. Besides, I should feel extra uplifted to be entrusted of such a responsibility, right? :)

Saturday… Ate Myra’s, a church young adult, wedding :) Dad was the officiating minister, while I was assigned to place the veil. Abay :D The wedding was soooo yellow. Lol.

The Celebration Sunday was SUPER. OVER. META. (I’ll be blogging abt it on my blogspot soon)

Monday to Wednesday (today), my family and I had a short vacation and getaway from city life. We had a restful and super fun stay at Covelandia Du Labrador (pictures coming very very soon! ).

(photo taken by dad)

Tomorrow, Thursday, we’ll be going to Pampanga since it’s November 1st. What’s up, Lolo! :D

Thursday, October 25, 2007


This is just a random blog writing. AND since I'm really lazy to blog today, forget abt spelling and the like. I'm not proof reading this.

Okay, so last night, I almost finished teaching the dancers our presentation for Sunday. We only got 32 more counts to finish the presentation.
Props are okay as well. My buddy and I bought four cuts of satin cloths, orange & blue, which are 4 yards long each. It'll be used as props for the first song that'll be danced- I Hear a Sound.

Next, I'm really a fan of Paul Wilbur. Yeah, you may say I sound like a Christian belonging to the 80's, but I still love his songs. Searching for the songs I Hear a Sound & Come Let us Go Up, I've bought 3 of his CD's last Sunday.
Actually, since these albums are out on the 90's, we do already have copies of them. Casette tapes nga lang. Anyway, basta I love messianic songs. Never really a fan of rock music. I love old/ classic Christian songs.
Next, may wedding sa saturday. Aba! I just knew last night that I'm one of the ______ - I don't know.. what I'm just certain of is that I have a part. Yay.
On a quite negative mood, I hate Vanj (not really the 'hate' hate. I just hate her. Haha. Labo.) I saw a photo folder of hers sa laptop and found out that she lent her classmate my purple long gown --without my knowledge, obviously. I never really liked the idea of lending clothes to others. I may sound so maarte, pero I really don't (Hindi ako pwede sa Big Brother house. Haha). Clothes are very personal stuffs, 'di ba? Pano pa kaya ang gown. MYGOODNESSGRACIOUS! Ughhhhh.... Lagot ka sa'kin pag-uwi mo mamaya.
Shifting to a very positive aura, I woke up at 8:26 this morning!
It's such an achievement. It's the first time I woke up that early my whole semestral break (except for Sundays). Pano ba naman, I fell asleep last night at my parents' room by like past 10. Haha. Cool. You know what, I was like a child amazed at the morning!
Kasi I seldom see the beauty of it. Nakaka-guilty nga kasi feeling ko I've took its beauty for granted. Ang ganda talaga ng umaga. I hope I could continually wake up early. Ang sarap mag-devotion at morning :D I opened my window talaga kanina and praised God for a wonderfuuuul day! I wish I could do it often.
So there. Just wanted to let all those things out.
Good day!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Celeb Sunday preps

- - - - - - -
To-do list (in preparation for the Celebration Sunday):
1. Choreography for the Dance Ministry's performance/ special number
- I Hear a Sound & Come Let us Go Up (both songs of my fave Paul Wilbur)
2. Props for the dance
3. Choreography for the messianic-themed p&w this Sunday
4. Chords of some songs that Ptr.Gregg, our worship team director, asked me to search for
5. Movie (clip) presentation re '40 Days of Purpose Campaign' at our church
6. PPT Slides
7. Learning the dual-monitor feature of laptops + DLP. Ugh.
8. Look for someone who could take a video of the whole afternoon/evening
9. Practice for my song number. Haha. Nah! I was just kidding on that part.
10. Invite friends over ----invite YOU!

Friday, October 19, 2007


‘feeling beach-y today (actually, yesterday)– really.
I’m yearning for white sand and clear waters.

Last week, during my mom’s visit to my lola (at Pampanga), she secretly talked to my uncle who works in Holiday Inn (Angeles) who happens to be also a part-time travel & tours coordinator. Mom planned to surprise us with a week-long vacation at Boracay!
OMG. I got really thrilled when she told us about the hush-hush. We’re about to stay at the place on October 29 to I don’t know. Anyway, that’d be a perfect time for a getaway because, first, our Celebration Sunday for the ‘40 Days of Purpose Campaign’ at the church would be on the 28th, then, 29 would be a holiday, and finally, the next days would be not-so-busy ones.

BUT, as we were just talking about it after dinner last night, my uncle called mom and delivered dreadful news. Sooo, by this time, you probably have guessed the next story. Yeah, right. All flights toward Boracay would be fully-booked from the last week of October to November 4. Hohoho.
Mom asked by uncle to find other possible routes, instead.

So there. Vanj and I were like, “picture na picture na ako!”. Haha. I can’t say “swim na swim na ako!” since I know not a single swimming stroke. Hah.
Anyhow, being the persistent and equally pa-libot girl that I am, I have surfed the net for other possible vacations (Ilocos, La Union, Puerto Galera, etc.). Hmm. Don’t be so glad kasi I found none. Goodness. What do I know about booking planes, hotels, and tours, ‘di ba? I believe I just have to rely on whatever and wherever trip my uncle could find.

Awwww.. May SPF na kaya ako!

Anyways, hope this edited photo would be brought to real life soooooon :D

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Thursday, October 18, 2007

False Prophets

There are a lot of false prophets spread all over the world. We often laugh at them, but only few give attention to praying for those who are mislead by them.

I was browsing the internet until (unconsciously) past 1 AM, when I suddenly surfed-off to GodTube. There, my attention was caught by a video about a man in the US claiming that he is Jesus Christ as well as the anti-Christ –he’s JC (accdg. to him), but his followers all have 666 tattoos. **goosebumps** Confusing? Watch this:

Anyway, a very familiar person harked back to my memory watching the video. Well, he’s the “better” version in terms of delivering his belief and conviction about becoming JC. He’s none other than PACQ or Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, The Kingdom of Jesus Christ’s senior pastor and the self-proclaimed Appointed Son of God, a resident of Davao City, Philippines.

I have watched his 24-hr running TV network called the ACQ TV several times already. I thought it was yet another great fellowship, but my dad explained to me their doctrine. My father has told me that he has been observing their group since the cable here in San Jose City hooked their TV station. Dad also told me that PACQ used to be a “normal” pastor. Actually, they sing songs of Ron Kenoly, Don Moen, and other old Christian hymns, aside from their new self-composed songs. Anyhow, here are further details.

So anyway, what’s creepy about him, aside from his false proclamations, is that his denomination keeps on growing (unlike the anti-Christ’s denomination which I’ve mentioned on the first part of my blog). I mean, since I pass by their station daily while switching channels, I have noticed how a lot are deceived by him. Their church is one huge church with thousands of (deceived) followers dressed-up in all white all the time. I’m quite sure that, if not all, most of the so-called Kingdom Citizens have read or at least heard of the erses Don’t let anyone mislead you, for many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah.’ They will deceive many. (Matthew 24:4-5) or There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death (Proverbs 14:12)? so why in the world would they actually ride the train to hell?

I’m not so against his followers. In fact, I pity them. I pray that they would soon come to the realization of the way to real salvation.

To the Kingdom Citizens who might get the chance to read this, you are prayed for. May God grant you the wisdom of Solomon to choose which path to follow.

For those who are of the same faith with me, this is not just another blog entry. This is a call to hurry up on winning more and more souls for Jesus. It is written that the fields are white for harvest, and that the Lord is looking for laborers who could work in the fields.
By nature and design, people are made for worship. If we, Christians, wouldn’t be able to bring people to the “right” Christ – the way to the Father, they would naturally search for other things or people to worship and cling to. Volunteer for the harvest! AND, if already volunteered, reach more and more and more.

God bless you!

**little sharing: I have tried to post this entry for more than 10 times. It was my first time to experience such hardship in posting.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


This joy in my heart is simply inexpressible.
This first week of my semestral break is absolutely eventful. Just last Monday evening, while we (mom, my ate & her family, Vanj, and MJ) were at Max’s Cabanatuan, we called dad because he was supposed to be also at Cabanatuan to have a haircut. I then called him up. “Hello, Dad. Sa Max’s kami. San ka?”, he lightly answered “Palabas na ng SM Pampanga (laughs).”, then I asked him why he was there. He merrily answered “….may DLP na tayo…”. The rest is amazing account.

After dinner, we visited my cousin who just got married and now lives in Cabanatuan. We stayed there for quite a while so dad was able to meet with us at Select. Due to so much excitement, we tried the DLP (Digital Projector; latest innovation for LCDs) immediately as we arrived home (past 12 AM). We slept at around 2, failing to make it work. Hah. We didn’t read the manual kasi we were über excited to accomplish with the new DLP for our church.

Thursday morning, 1st morning of my sem break, I took time to read the manual and eventually made dad so glad that we were finally able to pull the DLP off. Wee! I started working on the new slides as well as a video clip “I will never be same” by Thursday evening. Friday evening, I invited ate Anne (our worship pastor) over our place and surprised her with One Way. Haha. She was laughing with tears. Aww. Kagandahan :)

Anyway, dad, Vanj, and I were like a team working on the new DLP. Uhm, well, I don’t want to elaborate things on details. Lazy lah :-P

In summary, people were really really really blessed with the new DLP this morning at the church. This is yet another manifestation of God’s glory and blessing. The Lord never fails His faithful servants. Praise!

Jesus Revival Church

San Jose City, Nueva Ecija


Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Psych-2 (1st Sem) List; Sem break!

I’m having my fingers crossed this time to say that it finally is semestral break!
Though the joy and cloud-nine-high feeling I had yesterday wasn’t really the same thing I felt after we revised and passed our final requirement this afternoon (by 1:30 PM---the same time yesterday my group mates and I thought we’re out of school stuffs already), I feel really, really good :)

This semester had caused me much crams and under eye circles, so I was like on a jolly-hoppy mood during my last corridor walk this afternoon. On my walk to the gate, I kept on uttering words of thanks and praises to the Lord. I am über grateful on how the Lord has helped me all throughout. Though, I admit, there were faulting instances when I have relied on myself (…I have repented for those times already), I am totally dependent on the Him. I see and fully believe that apart from God’s presence and control in my life, I am nothing and can do absolutely nothing. Probably it’d be a corny thing for you guys to hear that, but in the end, we still all believe in the power of God, ‘di ba? Why not rely totally on Him? :)

Anyhow, I want to create a list similar to My 2006 List. I’d be calling this My Psych-2 (1st Sem) List. So these are things that had happened to me which I thoroughly owe to God. Here are my praise reports; My Psych-2 (1st Sem) List:

  1. First, I want to thank God for bringing me to a place where I could fulfill my purposes in life.
  2. I’m starting to love my university. Just petty emo’s are present about my college career.
  3. I’m beginning to see a clearer view of why I was thrown (okay, let’s have a nicer term) – placed here. Rom. 8:28
  4. I became really familiar with commuting.
  5. I learned to play table tennis– a sport which I never though of engaging to, through PE class.
  6. No more math classes :-P Statistics na lang.
  7. I carried on my fully-loaded schedule.
  8. I think I really love my course ♥
  9. Though I failed to continue on being a college scholar, I was on the dean’s list.
  10. I was able to be on the Psych Council even if I turned down being on CASCC (CAS Central Council).
  11. I topped our first Dev Psych exam along with Angelo. All praises to God!
  12. I conquered my arte through being with my Humanities100 instructor. Sabungan kung sabungan!
  13. I had enough patience for my group mates in Humanities class. Hah.
  14. I was chosen to host the 7th Psychology Congress.
  15. The documentary I made won 1st place during the Silip Sining-Salik.
  16. I (think I) impressed by english110 prof through my mini-thesis about the Effects of Blogging.
  17. I became closer to my previous AB-3 class mates: Roger, Lavie, Ruth, Mylene, Angelo, and Belle.
  18. I gained new friends: Kuya Allan – very brotherly, Javin – super gentle and kind, Angelo – intellectual yet very humble, Aileen – very nice and smart, and Alyssa – such a sweet girl; great singer.
  19. I had new girlfriends. I’ll make a short kwento.

  1. I currently have two girlfriends within our block section– Zlyne and Joan. They’re both Born-again Christians (from Lakas-Angkan Church). Zlyne was actually the first to be my pal. I voluntarily approached her after I heard her sing “For All You’ve Done” on our Gen Psych class. I then found out we share the same faith, so I had the urge to befriend her. So there, we became good friends. She then introduced Joana (whom I fondly call Joan) to me. The three of us clicked, so the rest is fun history :)
  2. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    taken 10.10.07 at the CAS Lobby, after we've submitted our DevPsych paper

  1. My Saviour’s love and mercy never ceases. How great is our GOD!

It's sem break already! Celebrate! :D

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Just when you thought everything's perfect...

Sembreak na (dapat).
My group mates in DevPsych had a blastful shout after we've submitted our final requirement for this semester. No more exams, quizzes, and all that.
I went home by past 2 PM and immediately wanted to blog about the official beginning of my semestral break. However, since I really lacked sleep these previous weeks, I've decided to sleep first.
Okay, so I woke up by 4 and opened some of my online accounts. I was in cloud9 - as in feel na feel ko na na sem break na. As in. You know, the feeling of being on a really really great mood. BUT, something broke all the clapping smileys on my head. I received an sms from Karen:
"Pls text Psych2 that they nid to revise the research
papers or else, I will grade them as incomplete. U may get the research papers
again tomorrow. Deadline on mon."


Now we need to do it all over again. Ugh.
Dbale, again I shall say, "This, too, shall pass."
Tsk. It really is annoying pero sige na nga. Binabawi ko na mga text messages ko. Hindi ko pa pala sem break. :(


Saturday, October 6, 2007

1st Saturday of October'07

We went to Cabanatuan City by 1pm today.
We were supposed to buy a laptop bag, but my mom & dad ended up buying two computer units instead (additions for SJA's computer lab). Anyway, we left the mall by 6 PM. (O diba, parang one street difference lang ang San Jose and Cab :D )

We needed to leave early because Vanj and I have a practice at the church by 1830.

We arrived (at San Jose) at around 7 PM with thoughts that we rather should miss the practice since we were super late already. However, they still dropped us at the church- leaving us no choice but to attend the practice late. Well, it was fine. I find out that only one song was practiced yet. Woohoo! They only have begun :) Hah.

Line-up for tomorrow:

For All You've Done
Friends in High Places (Oh yessss... I'm seeing a perspiring Sunday!)
We Want to See
Eagle's Wings
How Great is Our God

So there.
Anyway, on a very light note, I'm so happy today because my hair had forgotten to fly away. Haha. :)) You guys know how late I wake up for school (and how late I sleep daily), so I seldom treat my hair with good brush strokes. As in sobrang hindi talaga ako maayos mag-suklay.

But this day was different, I had a long time to comb my hair (haynako.ang babaw ng blog entry na 'to). Ayun. As a result, hindi nag-fly-away! I then decided to take a picture of it :-P


It’s 3:30 early in the morning already.
Semestral break hasn’t started yet pero ganito nanaman ako matulog.
Anyway, I’ll just share something. Last night, a friend and I were having a conversation thru sms when the topic fell to college/ university issues.
I, of course, had the usual drama. I wouldn’t elaborate much of our whole conversation. I would just like to blog about some lines he used to affirm me as well as to cheer my heart.

“Haha. Action follows essence. U wnted to be wid ur family. Ü”

“Talaga! Pero it’s like “looking at a half-full glass of water.” Just think that it’s half full, not half empty. Pero cguro in your situation, it’s almost full. Jst dnt look at the empty part.ü”

I have actually heard of this philosophy before; thank God there was this friend who reminded me about it.

I have finished approximately three semesters in CLSU already, but I still feel somewhat lacking and disgruntled. Pero I know I am complete kasi I have a very fruitful Christian life. Isa pa, I'm taking Centrum everyday :-P Ang labo ko kasi minsan. Well anyways, I’m sleepy na. Happy weekend :)