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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'll be at the G12 Int'l Conference 2009!

I will be attending the G12 International Conference 2009!

Plenary Sessions & Celebration: 12-15 March 2009, Singapore Expo, The MAX Pavilion
Encounter Sessions: 15-17 March 2009, TOUCH Centre & TOUCH Community Theatre
We actually booked our flight last January 22, and registered through Doulos (thank you, ate Dahlia!) the next day --weird no? nauna yung booking ng flight. hehe

We’ll be leaving on March 10 (Tuesday) and will be back on the 16th. We won’t be attending the Encounter Sessions, btw.
Soooo.. I have to get done with all my research and/or paper works in 2 weeks so I could leave school without [much] worries.

The speakers will be G12 Movement Founder Pastor Cesar Castellanos and wife Claudia, and Apostle Lawrence Khong & Rev (Dr) Nina Khong, senior pastors of Faith Community Baptist Church. To know more about the speakers, click here.

We will also be catching the Delirious? band in action as they lead us in worship at the conference and the Sunday celebration. As some of you may be aware, they will be disbanding at the end of 2009, and will also be having a concert here in the Philippines on March 17 (Hmm.. mauuna na akong makipag-Delirous sa inyo, ha? hehe). On the final night of the conference, they will lead the conference delegates in an outreach concert. And, as posted on the website, We trust God that many hearts will be touched through their anointed music, songs and the preaching of God’s Word.

I’m believing and expecting for whatever God has prepared for the conference delegates.
I’m bringing a huge, huge container of faith and a pure and thirsty spirit (plus a camera, my handy-dandy Bible, and my devotional notebook!) :-D

We’re conquering multitudes -- what can be more exciting than that? :-)