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Monday, January 1, 2007

My 2006 List

my 2006 list
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I had a blastful 2006.

I just want to list down things that 2006 brought to me (yes, i know i’ll miss to type some due to my dementated state of mind.haha. Anyway, the ff are not in order of occurence,’ayt?)

1. My dad celebrated his 50th year last Jan.13′06. We had a grand celebration for him. Well, it was a surprise Golden birthday patry

2. I walked down the aisle of KC Hall with my Rene Vicencio Pink & Fushia ball gown. (MCMC’s JS Prom)

3. Prom and after-prom. =P

4. ***e and ***i issue. (4th year hs)

5. I had my very nice biojournee (yes, that’s how we spell it) done. I literally had sleepless nights doing that!

6. I became an active teentalker (check out

7. I attended my first and last recollection when i was in highschool. It was a very meaningful recollection. Tears..hugs..and all like.

8. All my efforts for four years in MCMC payed-off when I was recognized during our graduation as our batch’s 1st Honorable mention awardee.

9. I responded to God’s plans for me. I did not pursue studying at SLU, instead I enrolled at CLSU.

10. I had more time for my family and the church. I was involved more in our Youth MInistry with our new youth pastor, Ptr.Phil Sinlao.

11. I was used by God to lead the praise & worship during Youth Nets at Jesus Revival Church. I also lead p&w of one of our regular sunday srvices! thank God. Thank God for the youth band–julius, giovan, kim, mark, mac, jett, dhez, vanj, donna, buddy.

12. I was appointed (and annointed) as JRC Dance Ministry’s leader.

13. The junior dancers finished learning the tambourine book so we allowed them now to join us on dancing every sunday!

14. I shifted from BS Bio to BA psychology.

15. I was elected CAS Central Council’s CFY Represnetative!

16. BVBS ‘06 (Planet Pal!!!) and the Vanj-mac ish

17. The batch collage i made was published on candy magazine!

18. I met my new friends- diane, rjean, mariz, harold, mon.

19. I finally choreographed Paul Wilbur’s ”O Jah”. I really wanted to do a choreo of this song ever since I heard it!

20. I attended CLSU’s Lantern Parade and celebration! First time..

21. JRC’s Christmas Cantata was a success !!!!!!

22. We had our very first noche buena (accidentally) here in San Jose. Eversince, we celebrate it at Pampanga with our relatives. But we also travelled early morning to Pampanga to celebrate Christmas there!

23. Group messaging was very in for the TOLs..

24. I received gifts from almost evry youth in the church for the first time!

25. new year shopping rrrusssshhhhh.

26. my 16th bday was fun! JRC’s young people surpised me early in the morning!

God has been so faithful to me! I cannot list down all the good things he has done for me the past year–they are immesurable! I thank God for 2006. I’ve known Him and loved Him more.

Also, I thank God for leading me to His path. I am glad I obeyed the Lord in studying in CLSU. I know I should have missed a lot of great things if I was in Baguio City the whole time, studying.

Lastly, I thank the Lord for all He has done.

Hallelujah! Our Emmanuel, our God who is always with us, reigns!

A Blessed New Year!!!!