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Monday, May 1, 2006

May 2006 Blogs

DVBS San Jose

Friday, May 26th, 2006 at

Many of my friends asked me why i have been so busy these past 3-4 that would be for a month..
So, here it is! Get ready to know the latest on me…
We had a program in our church, Jesus Revival Church, for the kids this summer. We call it DVBS . It is a program wherein we teach kids of different ages fro a week.
I happily volunteered to be one of the teachers. Actually, i was also a volunteeer last year.. Anyway, i’ll continue…
This year’s DVBS theme was "Home Planet: Caring For God’s Creation".
We, the teachers were called their Nature’s Guides.. weird noh?
So there you go with the basics…
Why were we busy?

A week before DVBS, we prepared so much..
The Planeteers’ name tags, attendance charts, workbooks, crayons, pens, visual aids,.. BAsta! it was so tiring tlga.. good thing we were all ejoying kasi super close kmi nung mga youth sa church .
To maintain order, we divided the kids into groups according to their ages. 
  • Planet Savers (ages 4-6)
  • Planet Pals (ages 7-9)
  • Planet Rangers (ages 10-14)
I was designated to Planet Pals.
May 15-19 was fun! super kulit ng mga kids… It brought me so much joy because it was a great way for the kids to know God even at an early age. We had games, snacks, dances, songs, cheers, story-tellings,..and more!
It was May 19, Friday, when we had our graduation!
Hey! our team, Planet Pals won the Best in Costume award !
To God be the Glory! :)


Singer na ba ako?

Monday, May 29th, 2006 at

no, no, no…
im not!
bago lang haircut ko pero that does not mean na new career nrin..
san nagstart ang issue? kasi dba we’re having our youth net on friday, eh yun, dapat part ako ng worship team (the band that play during the entire worship know..we sing lively and mellow songs sa church), eh yun..
im not a singer naman tlga pero no choice nrin..
later this evening, i asked my dad (who is also the pastor of our church) of who will play for the praise&worship. I suggested na ung band nung church nung guest speaker nlang namin. So yun..he called our speaker (actually pamangkin niya un-cousin ko.) and asked him if he could bring his band too..
ayun1 okay naman! pmayag din! kaso may practice a dapat kmi ng 5pm sa church!
nagpunta parin ako..pagdating ko, nagsorry c julius skin (mdyo ngktmpuhan kmi khapon).. Ayun, andun na c giovan, joseph, kim, and sam.
Ayun..nagplay na muna..ung Born to love you which was composed by kuya sam’s bandmate.. ext, dumating cla ate melo and lea..
Then we practiced diff songs.. jamming lang,..
Forever..One Way..Draw me close to you..You are my world..more!!!
tpos, bandang huli, ung Open the eyes of my heart nlang ang pnractice namin plus yung vineyard version ng mrecy is falling…

Tpos..uwian na!!!!
Again, im inviting you to join our YOuth Net on June 2 (Friday) at 1pm sa church namin.. Jesus revival Church… abar 1st.. uhm, tbi xa ng omphong’s internet cafe.. Highway lang yun.. Yung blue tall church sa highway! ;)

SEe You!
Come and be part of a revolution for JESUS! :)