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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dad says "Tulog!"

I’m having sacrifices for my dad.
Teka. Relaaaks.
He seriously talked to me last night regarding my sleeping habits and told me that he really is not okay with it.

Actually, I have been booing myself for such a subnormal sleeping pattern. I know it would bring me no good, except that it could, in a way, improve my grades (uhm, I guess not really.haha).
The problem with me is that I tend to save the important works for later. I mean, if I have to pass a paper tomorrow, I’ll blog at 6, multiply at 7, surf at 8, t.v. by 9, and finally sit on my desk to start on the paper by 11. Irresponsible, am I not? Well, I get to finish all my works in, if not excellent, a fine way. Nah. No bragging here.. pano ba naman, I sleep at 2 or 3 early in the morning :D

I usually take 4-5 hours of sleep daily. An extra 6th is a bonus. But then, I still work during the day normally. I bet I’m just used to it (because I’m a pro).
I catch extra oomph from sleeping in the afternoon or at night; often from 5 to 6 or 7 PM.

Last night, dad admitted he absolutely couldn’t force me to fall asleep by 11pm. Why? Because by that time, my body had just been recharged from my late siesta. My dad’s solution: I should control myself from having naps in the afternoon such that I would be able to feel the bed magnet by 10 or 11 PM :D Brilliant, eh?

Well, mahirap talaga. Today was my first time to try it— total headache!

Sleeping pills are welcome. ;p Kidding.

Good night!

Sleeping tips are welcome :)

Monday, August 27, 2007

The impact of Making A Difference

The whole world knows that my sister, Vanj, and I visited Singapore and Malaysia last summer to attend a conference as well as to have a tour.
Recap: The conference we’ve graced our attendance to was the Project Barnabas ’07, which was hosted by His Sanctuary of Glory, Kuala Lumpur.

There, I’ve got lots of inputs about ministering, witnessing/ sharing, Christian life growth, and other things which were taught not by lecture but by personal encounters.

Anyway, I also have learned some not-so-new songs. I’ve got to be familiar with Give us Clean Hands, How Great is Our God (We Fall Down was the only Chris Tomlin songs I knew back then) and Making A Difference (by City Harvest Church choir).

As we arrived home (by home, I am referring to my motherland), the three became on top of my favorite songs.
I ripped the songs to my PC, and played them at home much that my little brother, MJ, got to almost memorize their lyrics. Later on, I have observed dad play the songs, when he uses our PC, the way I do—meaning over and over and over and over again.

Last Friday evening, my dad and I watched the videos I’ve recorded during the PB at Malaysia. While we were viewing Making A Difference, he suddenly asked me to type the lyrics so he can follow.

Jumping on Sunday, Vanj, Donna, and I sang Making a Difference for the giving & offertory part of our Sunday Service.

The afternoon of the same day, our church pastors had a meeting with dad (Sr. pastor). I was informed that part of their meeting was practicing the song Making a Difference.
Why in the world?... because it’ll be the theme song for our church’s incoming campaign!

Hooray! Thank you, HSG :) Thank you, too, Sun Liaw, for letting me know this song’s title.
Above all, thanks are to God! Indeed, “All things work together for good, for those who love God.”

Now, everyone in the church is thrilled to start the campaign. Everyone's glad and excited to work and see results. Jesus Revival Church. Christians. Men. Women. Youth. Children...

We Will Make a Difference.
(click the box below to listen to Making a Difference)
Making A Difference lyrics

Won’t You, Lord
Take a look at our hands?
And everything we have
Use it for Your plans
Won’t You, Lord
Take a look at our hearts?
Mold it, Refine it
As You set us apart

We want to run to the Altar
And catch the Fire
To Stand in the Gap
between the Living and the Dead
Give us a heart of compassion
for a world without vision
We Will Make a Difference
Bringing hope to our Land

We will answer the call
to build this church without walls
let Your glory be shown
bring salvation to the lost
to the lost

Monday, August 20, 2007


Warning: Subtexts ahead. Logic, okay?

One of my HS batch mates whom I would never give to forget is Fiery.
We have been classmates our whole high school period, but we became really close on our last year at MCMC.
Fiery has been known as our dorky classmates who had his white towel on either his left or right shoulders, one who kisses his mom before her mom leaves him, one who owns ACIS, one who is a book worm and knows Harry Potter at every inch, one who shakes his voice when reciting, one who keeps on wobbling his hands when talking, blah.. blah.. blah..

I became close to Fiery when we became seatmates. Uhm, well, we weren’t “close” at first since all we had were daily arguments and debates. He used to contradict everything I would say, while I used to comment on his statements and actions. We were, at first, opponents.

Things change throughout.
The weirdo kiddo of our batch became my friend :)
Yes, probably because we both were great weirdoes so we got along with each other pretty well. Well, the cat fights were still there but they became part of our routine. Ha-ha. Yeah. We got used to it. I even remember days where we’ve said “Hey, we did not fight today. Whhhhy?”

So there, we became good friends as well as commentators to each other. :p

Y.E. (Youth Encounter) was a bash. Ayun.
Sapiryan. Express Yourself. SOP’s. Affirmation. “Lord, I have a question……..…”

Days passed by quickly. We all knew we would have different tracks on college.
Takot. Safe. Ignore_Me.
But then, Values Education. Teacher Demi. Letter for the Unappreciated. Peace.

With the strong bond we had, even after high school, we all remained to be great friends :D
Not until March 26, 2007, Monday.
WAR. Erase. Bye. No more fierelly.

“Do not eat your heart out.” –Pythagoras
By this, he (Pythagoras) meant we shouldn’t spend our life wasted in hatred and all like.

August 20 ’07. YM. Hello.

And there was peace on Earth :)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Debut Coordinator (?)

Last Monday (August 13) afternoon, a green van stopped in front of our silver-ish gate. I thought the lady in light green shirt was looking for either mom or dad (I often encounter visitors who go like “Nandyan ba si Pastor M a n u g u e?” or “Nandyan ba si Mam Nette?—pautang.” Jowwwk). As I kept on talking to the fair-skinned woman, I realized I was actually talking to Jan (a HS batch mate & friend)’s mom.

I was informed that Jan wasn’t able to have a debut party last August 2, her birthday. In line with this, they’re planning to throw her a not-so-surprise post birthday celebration. All she (Jan) is aware of is that they’ll have a party with her father’s Mason friends as the most the invited ones—therefore it would partly be her father’s party. hehe.

Jan’s mom asked me then to coordinate with our batch mates since she does not have contact with any of them. I, of course, promised to help.

After our conversation, I’ve sent emails, IM’s, & random on-line messages to my batch mates. It was somehow fulfilling (reverse psychology; gets?) to receive a one-in-a-batch response from Samboy. Yay!
So there, I immediately registered on Globe’s unlimited texting service to be able to send my 3-part secret group message to all of our batch mates.
It was frustrating to read their replies. With the short inis-tolerance I've got, I’ve sent another group message that went like
Actually, you guys had the same responses. “Sinong pupunta?”, “Sinong sure na?”.
Hmm.. Ppunta tayo dun (primarily) because of Jan, ‘di ba?
Basta sobrang nayanig ang mundo ko sa mga bolox. Ano ba? Manila is just hours away ;p A lot were not sure kaya what I did was to send an updated list of names divided into sub-groups labeled as Sure, Undecided, and Not Available for like 3-5 times every single day (from Monday to Saturday—imagine that?) as group messages.
Basta, ayoko nang mag-kwento in details.

Anyway, as we made up the list of Sure, Undecided, and Not Available, I started sending another set of group messages.
e.g. Sure: Cha, Jez, Erick, Roi, Mich, Sam...
Undecided: Dale, RJ, Mond, Jolo, Jme.....
Not Available: Joy, K-Ann, Dvd, Rose....
Feeling ko those times, I am a teacher who’s setting up a class field trip ;p I was the one who brought together who would bring vehicles, who would ride at whoever’s car, where would the meeting place be, et cetera et cetera.
Plan1: Ppunta si Jovel, Meryll, & Mark sa house nila Cha where ssunduin sila ni RJ. Then, ddrtso sila sa house namin where I'm waiting with Erick, Mich, James, Kathy, and Roi. Mgmmeet lhat ng vehicles sa tapat ng CLSU Main gate for convoy and distribution of passengers.
What do you think?

Hay. Naku. Well, okay lang. All of such is for Jan, anyway :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Our Statistics 200 instructor dismissed us an hour before the scheduled time today, for the reason that the Statistical Society organized a quiz bee. We’ve been told that we’ll get extra points if we’ll join the challenge, but I still I had no option of joining; nay.. such a shame to my family name ;p I’m not that good on dealing with numbers (remember my previous post?), but as kuya Allan, our block president, persisted on asking me to join the challenge, the bottom-line was I saying YES.
On our way to the CAS Little Theater where the quiz bee will be held, I greeted Shekinah, a BS Bio student and a pastor’s kid like me. She then pulled me toward kuya Chad, a life coach from VCF- Cabanatuan’s Every Nation Campus Ministries (ENCM).

Chad: I think I met her already last sem.
Shekinah: Siya yung anak ng pastor sa JRC.
Chad: Diba friends kayo ni
Jez: Nanan.
Chad. Ni Nanan.
Jez: si Nanan and si Tin-tin.
Chad: sa multiply kayo nag-meet ni Nanan dba?
Jez: Yup, pati sa Candymag (.com)
Chad: nag-meet na ba kayo ni Nanan?
Jez: uhm, no, not yet.

I then looked at the lady seated behind kuya Chad. On my thoughts, I didn’t know if I would greet her or what. I haven’t met Nanan in person; I didn’t know how she exactly looked like, but seeing photos of her on the internet, I concluded that she, indeed, was the one wearing a black shirt behind kuya Chad.

Jez: (uncertain) Hi Nanan!
Nanan: Hey Jez :)
Jez: (okay, I forgot what I’ve said---I was out of my shoes)

We then left and went straight to the CAS LT for the registration.
I was laughing hard when we, my block mates and I, settled at the lobby near the Psych Department. I didn’t know how I looked like or how I reacted when she was introduced to me. It was just then that it submerged to me that I actually have just met a good friend I’ve known for more than a year through an online thread :p That was so slow of me. anokabanamanjez. Well, I hope our next acquaintance would be more meaningful. Hehe.

Anyway, about the quiz bee, Zlyne and I (we were partners) won the 6th place. Uhm, we didn’t actually won; they got only 5 finalists ;p
Btw, Mr. M was also there.
At least we did okay on the easy and average round—take not, without any preparations ;p yabang. (Allow me to be one; I need self-affirmation to cover up the indignity. ha-ha)

Mabuhay si Nan*y ΓΌ

Friday, August 10, 2007

Loving rainy days

Two days.
Two days I've been stuck here at home.
..and I so so so love it! Thanks for the heavy rain (not a storm, though) :)

Yesterday, I was all set for school when dad disagreed to bring me to school. Eh? With the hard rain outside, I can't imagine myself going for a jeepney ride (yuck.mababasa ako, for sure). Actually, dad and I had a little argument. I really wanted to go to school 'cause we were supposed to have a ComSci and Philo100 quiz.

He was pointing out that there's such thing as parents' discretion.
"Dad... for pre-schoolers lang 'yun; 2nd year college ako."

He's certain daw that even if the class suspension announcement was for elem & HS levels only, CLSU would be suspending as well. I told him I just want to make sure. What if meron, 'di ba?

Well, what can I do? I can't drive. I can't pull my worries on getting really wet if I would use public transpo and then on walking through the campus.
I then called kuya Allan (ring..ring..unattended.), Lavie (ring..ring..unattended.), and Joan (ring..ring..again, unattended). Finally, I called up Javin aka Mr.Smiley 10 mins before our 10 AM Statistics200 class. He was already at school though he advised me not to come anymore since our prof has already cancelled our class sched due to the minimal attendance.

With all the pride I need to swallow, I told dad he was right. haha. Tsk. Sinabi na kasi na parents know best e.

Anyhoo, I spent the day with my hobby and top interest - sleeping :)
The rain was just overly perfect for a good hibernate mode that I even missed having lunch 'cause I woke up by 4 PM. Over sleeping, eh? Well, I’m under-slept oftentimes so having 6 hours of nap (you still call that nap?) was okay, or at least reasonable.

TODAY, with the coldness the rain brings that surrounds me along with my blanket, I pressed the snooze button of my phone alarm for like 6 times! Oh well, I just can't help but stick on my bed and do more zzzz's :-D
By 8 AM, with eyes half-closed, I peeked on my cell phone to check for any sms. Happily, someone sent a msg that goes like this:
To: CLSU Students
Classes are suspended today as declared by Gov. Umali and approved by the
University Pres.

Weepeee! Inasmuch as I would still wish to sleep, the sms I’ve just read shook my body to excitement. So there, both good and bad upshot—no classes; I woke up and I hardly can sleep.


Another shallow thing I would share is my love for jackets.
If you’ve been my friend for a long time, you probably know my lurve (love) for coats.
One thing I love about the rainy climate is that I am able to wear my long-sleeved blouses and shirts, and jackets!
I even told mom, we should try going to the US for just a month—just to give way for the tons of jackets I have. He he. Babaw.

Anyway, that’s all I can share for now.
Sorry for a shallow post :p
Hopefully, my next post would be more meaningful

In love with the rain (and jackets),