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Friday, May 14, 2010

Shooting photographs for Bangon Pilipinas

Last April 27, I have been given the chance to shoot photographs for Bangon Pilipinas when the team visited Nueva Ecija for (1) a press con at San Jose City, and (2) a meeting de avance at Cabanatuan City's Freedom Park.
You see, I'm only a hobbyist and not a professional photographer, but I am grateful for such a great opportunity.

Some perks: getting front seats, getting to see them up-close, being on the stage (with the team) for the whole event, backstage pass, having good shots, feeling close! Haha :-D

(L-R) Bro.Eddie during the press con, the famed Bus ni Bro and me, Bro.Eddie and some senatoriables,
Bro.Eddie being welcomed by the crowd, Bro.Eddie with the Diyos at Bayan hand sign, hands play,
Yasay, Bro.Eddie with Yasay and wife Dory, Bro.Eddie and the crowd

Another cool thing that happened was that Alex Tinsay happily asked me to take photographs of him in front of the huge crowd, then gave me his email ad so I could send him copies of the photos. After that he told me, "hija, ipahawak mo muna sa kanya yung camera para makapag-pa-picture tayo". Yeehee!
Alex Tinsay

I think one of the most awesome things that happened was meeting and getting to converse with Perfecto "Jun" Yasay, former SEC secretary and the whistle blower for Erap's ill-gotten wealth. I might sound fangirling already, but I really do admire him --- his integrity, wisdom, and leadership abilities (add to that he's a fellow PK!). My mom could attest to this.. before the event she even joked that she'd try to get on stage only to tell Yasay that I am his number one fan! Haha. Little did I know that I would tell him that myself :-D

I also got to take a picture with Bro.Eddie, though I didn't get to really 'talk' (as in like I did with the other candidates) to him as he was frequently on the center-stage.


I'll end this blog through sharing a panoramic shot (8 photos stitched) of the park, the huge crowd, and the candidates on the stage..
Bangon Pilipinas meeting de avance at Cabanatuan City

It was a great experience. When I got to see my church mates, mom, and dad again after the even (yes, I was on the stage the whole time!), dad teased me by telling me "alam ko ikaw ang pinakamasaya ngayong gabi". And really, I think so, too! :)


Josh Fulgencio said...

OWW EMM GEE!! I ENVY YOU!! haha :D I admire Jun Yasay, too, and the whole BP team. I'm happy for you on your experience, Jez! It's good to see God just can't stop overflowing your life with great things such as these :)

tiny tine said...

Wow! I didn't know Sir Yasay is a PK.
Now I know. :D
Buti ka pa you got to talk with some of 'em.

BTW, you always have good shots. Woohoo! :D

Jez said...

@Josh: Grabe, hindi ko rin in-expect that taht would happen to me! :-D Yes, the word's right-- overflowing talaga ang gifts and grace ni Lord :)

@Tin: Yes, PK power :-D Hindi ko din alam if my co-PKs know that, too.. Thanks for the compliment, Tin :)

MERiE said...

aaaaah!!! Yasay!! Fangirl ako. Hahaha! You are so blessed, Shing!

and I love your photos most esp

Sinong maganda?? EDDIE AKO!

I will always be proud of myself voting for who i think are 'righteous' people..

free fontz said...

hello! how are you?
warm greeting from font lover ^_^

keep up your good work my friend 0_0

Blessy said...

Jez! I think i might start to officially make taking photo's my hobby. haha. ur an inspiration.