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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Passion Manila 2010

For the second time I have been part of the crazy Passion Manila.

Passion Manila 2010
Araneta Coliseum [sold out]
May 25, 2010, Tuesday
Featuring Louie Giglio, Chris Tomlin, Kristian Stanfill, and the all-time star, JESUS.

People-ing before the conference-concert
Was with 29 other young people from my church. Left at 10:30am. Arrived at 3. Great time of sharing, fellowship, and some sleep with my cell on the road (I would like to tell more about this part on my future blogs).
On the way
Sisters’ date at Coffee Bean. Hung out at Cafe Bola ‘cause the heat on the streets surrounding the coliseum was unbearable (at least for me). Met with our childhood friends, Zion and Kim (plus a new friend, Karl). [photo]
Coffee Bean

Also, I finally met my dear Shing [photo] whom I got to know though Passion ’08 :-D
Entered the coliseum at around 6 PM. This time I got to spend time with the other students I was with.. UNTIL I left to buy a Passion Shirt.

From Upperbox to Patron
I was also with my girls (cell) when Vanj and I bought our Passion shirts. 
My girls and I and the Passion tarp

We were supposed to get foods and drinks when I “accidentally” entered into an upperbox B entrance/ door (not really on the fiddle--- was just checking out). We continued walking and checking out the place when I incidentally entered into a lowerbox entrance. The ushers were kind enough to have just let us pass.
Jumps. Shouts. High five’s.
From Upperbox B seats, we got ones beside the stage! Whoohoo! My cell kept on joking that really they should always follow their leader :-P
with KPStanfill at the back

Hang on in there.. something more interesting happened....
When the lights turned off while the opening video was being played on the large screens of the coliseum, someone gave us passes to the patron area (beside the stage)! Whoohoo!
So yes, my friends, patron! Later on we found ourselves in the front! As in front.
My cell and I are grateful for such a great favor and surprise from God!

Say, Say, Say. Sing, sing, sing.
Of course it was AWESOME to dance, sing, and shout in worship with 10000+ crazy Filipino young people! Pinoy’s are really loud and expressive when it comes to worshipping God through songs (my thought: may we also bring this boldness in winning souls and making disciples!).
Chris Tomlin and the Filipinos
Chris Tomlin again sang the Tagalog version of his well-know song “How Great is Our God”. On a slushy side, check what I’ve got after the event: Chris Tomlin’s own! :-D Yay!
Chris Tomlin and his copy
Chris' copy

(photo credit: Passion268 Blog// the paper is my shot AND is mine now.Yes!)

All for His Fame
P1010193I have heard about that message from John 12 (death of a seed = fruit) for so many times, but it’s just amazing that because God’s Word is truly living and is dynamic, I have just died. again. I have reaffirmed my death on myself and that I am now living for Him alone, for His renown.

Maybe some of you, if you’ve been reading my blogs and know me, would say “but you are already doing that!”.. Well, I could say yes, but as I see it there can only always be a deeper, next, higher, greater level for the things we do for God, and well, this event made me praise God as I have seen my heart’s desire in the past (up to the present) to really take part and take the lead in leading this generation to knowing Jesus.

I don’t care if I’d be the biggest or smallest person in this world; I just want my life to be used in making God famous in this generation!

All-time. Epic. Jesus!

PS. on a totally random and silly thought: Chris Tomlin is seriously cute! :-D
It's shivering that he kept gazing at me when I was in front. Sinabi din ni Presh sa akin ito. Hindi ko nga lang sure if it’s because (on the credit side) I totally look good or because I was totally boisterous. But I’d like to think it’s because I am both :) HAHAHA. Okay, I have to stop typing now while my dignity’s still intact :-P Kinilig lang:-P Please let’s now all pretend I didn’t just publish this last part.haha. Yaiks! :-D
Will post more photos on my Facebook and/or Flickr
**most photos taken by Vanj with her LX3


JAM said...

Cute story Jez! It was nice to randomly meet you finally! The message was simple but very powerful.
Glad you had a great night too! God Bless! :)

Mary said...

I was there too Jez! Upper B as well, you are SO blessed to get into Patron!!! And right in front! :)

Marla said...

Wow! This is so interesting. You are so blessed because you never forget god be the center of your life. I wish I could also be like you. :) You make me believe more in God. :)

Akosiniko said...

i knew you'd be there :P
Godbless the Youth of the Philippines! :)

Paola ♥ said...

Wooow! Chris Tomlin.. inggit ako! haha :) Sayang we weren't able to go, may youth summit kasi kami niyan sa CEC :))

Agree with you.. yung pagiging expressive sana natin sa praise and worship eh madala natin sa pageevangelize sa iba. :))

Godbless sis! :)

KZRemojo said...

Aba ang bilis ng post this time ah :-D
At AHEM, na-culture shock ako dun sa "P.S." part ha, Jez kaw ba yan? hahahahaha! tsk tsk tsk, mga girls talaga, hahahah!

Now seriously, GRABEH itong EVENT na to!

If our GOD is with us, who the heck could be against us!?

MERiE said...

Again I'm gonna say it again. That was fast ^_^.

I totally agree with what you said. I also pray that not just the emotion height of the event but what happens afterwards :) On how we will really respond.

Yay! Finally saw you! I miss youuuu Shing! Grabe! Ang sayaaaaa haha! Shing. I'm again awakened and this is it. ^___^ Enough na. I died again and will live for Him.

Wow-ing event...

Syempre Chris (1st name basis) touched that paper so twas like you get to hold hands with him haha! At ikaw na ang mahaba ang hair! Tinitignan-tignan ka nya :)

Favored talaga you were moved to Patron!

Jez said...

@Zion: Haha. Mabilis nga! Epekto siguro ng naka-MBP :-P
Uhm.. culture shock talaga? HAHA! Sabi ko nga let's just all put on that I didn't blog that last part. haha! Feeling high school na kinikilig daw e. :))

Anyway, on a more serious thought, grabe talaga. The message was simple yet moving.

Ituloy natin ang kwentuhan pag nandito ka na :-D

@Shing: I saw you blogged na rin. Will check that out this afternoon.
"Shing. I'm again awakened and this is it. ^___^ Enough na. I died again and will live for Him. "
--I'm so glad to hear that from you. I will pray for you and the whole of YU2G (after I typed that I just did). Aabangan ko ang mga mangyayari pa sayo in the days ahead! :)

And about Chris, oo nga e, ang hirap ng long-distance relationship. HAHAHA. OMG. This is crazy! haha.

Coreen said...

Hi Jez, super long time! This is great! Oh and good job sa seats, haha. I think you guys deserve it kaya God made it happen. ;) I was actually supposed to go to this pero hindi natuloy. Sayang.

Oh well, IMY! God bless. :)

JP said...

HI Jez! I don't know where to email or message you kasi!! haha anyway, I just want to invite you on our latest End Time Conference, I really think God can use you guys to share about the end times sa iba pang tao, And I really think that Christians should grab each opportunity to know more about it and to share it. Alam ko malayo pa kayo, but lahat naman ng bagay may way, and I promise it's going to be worth it, maraming makikinabang di lang din kayo, So if you guys are interested you're welcome, To know more about it check out Register as soon as you can if you want to attend malapit na din kasi mapuno ung slots and limited lang ung seats. :) God Bless you!

Lique said...

10:30? aga nio ah. haha. san ba kayo galing? nice nice blog for Passion :D

Ang kulit naman nung note-->tagalog version ng how great is our God :))

PING :) said...

You are highly favored, Jez. :D with that Chris Tomlin's diction guide. :P and just about everything God has given you that night. :D

Love said...

how i wish i could go on a concert like this..


Gaby de Modacapital said...

Hi!! :)
I really like your blog,
I follow you :D
... maybe if you have time, you could visit my blog too, and if you like it, follow me back ;)

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